Friday, May 8, 2009

to the women in my life

picture taken at my bridal shower in 1998
from left to right:
cousin alba luz, aunt bertha, cousin pam, my mom, cousin tania, me, aunt elba, and my grandma.

i just want to give a shout out to the women in my family who basically raised me as one of their own. either as a daughter or as little sister.

who call me and pray for me and laugh at my stupid jokes. seriously you guys are my rocks and i appreciate your love and kindness.

thank you for you and thank you for being an example of what a strong mother/daughter/sister is.
and mom

and to my mother in law who basically adopted me as a daughter (and personally likes me more than her son sometimes) i give you the shout out of thank you as well for creating a son that respects women and takes my BS pretty well.

and what would i be without you bloggers? you laugh and cry with me, and you guys keep thinking i'm funny and buy my stuff in my shop.

dude i love you guys
now go buy yourself something nice and put my name on it.


Sachiko said...

Now, I get it, you got good genes. They are all beautiful! It is such a blessing to have people who love us and guide us.
I love this post, Happy Mother's Day, Vanessa!

Marie said...

I totally love that!! Vanessa, you are so HOT!

rachel griffith said...

look at yall. SO cute.

i was a sophmore in highschool.

happy mother's day chicka!!!

Unknown said...

Great post! My mother-in-law is awesome too. I wouldn't survive this deployment without her!

Happy Mother's Day!

Molly said...

You are blessed--and just look at how gorgeous all of you are!! Happy Mother's Day to you and yours!

girlsmama said...

Mmmmm. I bet the food was good at your shower. And don't worry I had a bridal shower about that same time! Happy Mother's Day! I move into my new house tomorrow. When are you coming to do a consultation? :)

Tricia said...

Happy Mother's Day, V.


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

You said it so well V.

Allison said...

Very Sweet. And I'm pretty sure my mother in law likes me better too sometimes. Thanks for stopping by..the wedding ring quilt is one of my favorites, but it makes me break out in hives just thinking about making it. Ok maybe not hives, but something like that. Happy Mothers Day!

happy zombie said...

I was all gushy reading your nice tribute and kind words for the wonderful women in your life.

Awwwwwe, that's so sweet. And then you zung me with zinger... "now go buy yourself something nice and put my name on it." - and I was rolling on the floor laughing.

Happy Mother's Day Vanessa!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

I have a sister named Elba! I didn't know there was another in the whole world!

Deeanna said...

Oh, I loved the photo of the ladies in your family! Happy Mother's day sweetie!

Sandy said...

How wonderful to have that picture of many strong women.
Happy Mother's Day, Vanessa!

Ashlee said...

You're pretty! Happy Mother's Day!

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