Wednesday, May 6, 2009

please go do some damage

image includes "the fabric bracelet" and you can buy the instructions here in my shop sold out i will keep them stocked up as they run out follow this link
my shop has some new things in it
okay so some of you expressed wanting the stitchery in Katie's room:
find it here
i also included another stitchery that will be made available at fabric stores in utah by sometime later this month:
buy it here now (it's cheaper cause it's in pdf form)

also you will find:
throw pillows here and here sold out thank you
and table runners here sold and here
and "new" fabric by the yard here

thank you all for taking a gander of my shop.

i got real nervous last night that no one was going to like the things i made...i got sick to my stomach, and then i thought "well if they don't like it then at least i have some new stuff for MY house."
and then i didn't feel like i wanted to throw up anymore.

speaking of my house...
it looks horrible
i think my kids have been wiping their boogers on the couches.
they've been getting away with a lot these past two days.

so i'm off to register a kid for kindergarten.
yes, looking rather scary.
and then i'm coming home
i'm going to sweep up my house of strings, pieces of cut up fabric, and dirt from kids running in and out, in and out, in and out.
and then i'm going to take a shower.
i've been smelling something wierd and i'm starting to think it's me...
and then tomorrow, i think i'll clean, and scrape up some of the boogers off my couch.


Betsy said...

Love it all! Some serious booger scraping needs to be going on here in Texas too. But I just can't seem to get motivated to wash the floors and put away the clothes. Too much other stuff to do.

Lisa said...

Whew!! It is nice to know I am not the only one that can let things go when I am insprired and being creative.

The Studes said...

WOW, You sure have been busy. everything in your shop is super cute! I am totally going to get that fabric braclet pattern... !!! i can't wait

Marie said...

Is that what I can smell??

HAHA! Love ya!!

Julie said...

All that booger talk kind of made me want to throw up too...

Cami said...

Ohhh, I love your new items! Payday isn't coming fast enough....

rachel griffith said...

oh oh oh how fun.
window shopping via v's shop...sound like the perfect wishlist waiting to happen.

Marci said...

you rock girly! can't wait to make my stitchery..:D!

Anjeanette said...

So nice to know that you worry about people liking what you make. I just said the same thing today on my little crafty blog.

I am always so inspired by the things you say, the colors you use and the way you say things. Thanks so much for your blog!!


Jen O said...

The zaza pillow is super cute...I bet you'll sell it quick. I like Katie's stitchery oldest munchkin is just 4 days older than your youngest. Sept. 30 was actually my due date but he came early! Good luck on etsy.

Amy said...

What if I don't want to buy directions for the bracelet? What if I just want you to make me one of those and mail it to my house? For free. Where do I do that?

Huh? Huh?

Sharalyn said...

I wanted to purchase the instructions for the bracelet but it says they are "Sold Out". How do you sell out of a pdf file...

Oh, yeah - love, love, love your stuff.

dotti white said...

Thanks for showing your beautiful work in your store. You have been working hard. I definitely plan on getting the little dress stitchery pattern! It is so precious! Everything is beautiful!

rachel griffith said...

oh my goodness chicka.
you've had 20 something sales TODAY!!!
i am SO super happy for you!!!

i seriously need to make one of those bracelets, like yesterday.

Elisabeth said...

I love all of your stuff and would buy it all if I could afford it! I'm kind of like a groupie of your crafts! I can't wait to make my little dress picture. I'm glad your sale is going well,


Busy Little Quilter said...

Vanessa, Everything is beautiful. I would worry like that, too.

You're so funny!! It is hard to sew and take care of your home and family when you have a deadline you're trying to meet. I don't know how all these quilt/fabric designers get ready for Quilt Market. I can't imagine how my home would look or how I would look (or smell).

Ruth Ann said...

I really want a pattern for the bracelet, will you be restocking it soon? It's awesome! Have a great night!
-Ruth Ann

Sarah E. said...

So, I had a question about the bracelet tutorial but now after reading the comments, I'm wondering if I can purchase it or if it's sold out. Anyway, I wanted to know if you needed a sewing machine to make it. I think it's so cute!

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