Thursday, May 7, 2009

now to tackle this

all i have to say is wow,
and thank you.
thank you for making yesterday a wonderful etsy success.
as you can see i have an aftermath to deal with.
it ain't pretty.

and if i want a little bit of sewing for me time...i better get crack-a-lacking!
edited: okay more fabric bracelet tuts are now available thanks for the emails telling me that i was "sold out"
what would i do without you? ;)


Team Clark said...

Ha! Am I first to make a comment? That's all I wanted to accomplish. Good luck with your projects!

Contented Caroline said...

Hi, your untidiness sure looks pretty - i'm loving some of your fabrics.

Annette said...

That's the prettiest mess I've ever seen!

rachel griffith said...

want me to come help you?!?!

Tricia said...

I'm glad your sale was such a success.
I am soo giddy about the little ruffled pillow. I can. not. wait. for it to come!
In fact, I'm busy making her some lovely sisters today. ;)

Nash said...

thanks for commenting on my blog, i know you have LOTS to follow.
it's even more special (my sister's baby) since 3 yrs ago she placed her firstborn into the arms of a wonderful couple. i was there, it was hard BUT amazing. so, this is extra sweet. i keep thinking i might be done having kids, but then i see that.

btw, going to purchase one of those cute bags soon.

Nash said...

oh and DID you see that stinking cute skirt on moda, the patchwork one?
LOVE, you could make that easy.

Tracy said...

So that's a mess?? Wonderful, that makes mine look like an utter disaster area. Mine is spread with attempts at ring bearer pillows and little pieces of flower girl dress, which worked out, only by the grace of God!! Not my sewing expertise.

ps... i heart your etsy store.

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

AWESOME... I love looking at your fabrics!! I have a fabric question.... Do you prewash before quilting/sewing??

V and Co. said...

No. I only pre-wash if it’s going to be made into a piece of clothing I like the shrinked scrunch up that quilts do when you don’t pre wash

Kelly O. said...

I went to your shop to look around and practically everything sold!!
Yay you!
I especially liked that ruffled pillow and now that she's commented, I know who got there first :)

Mindy said...

You're gonna make a skirt??? I can't wait to see!!!!

Adrienne said...

Liking the bracelet aLot!!! just bought the pattern!

Heather said...

You have an adorable blog, I love it! I am reading it backwards right now. I had to comment, I am laughing because the two books you have stacked on your table? Well, I just happen to have them stacked on mine too. I am going to make a skirt from some Wonderland Momo fabric, can't wait!

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