Wednesday, May 20, 2009

how i tried to make it better

yesterday should i put it?...less than desirable.
it's like i've been having a good streak and yesterday the universe decided that it needed to uh how do i put it?
hand me my rear end on a silver platter.

with the morning off to a super rough start, i ended up needing to go and buy some new sewing needles (i got 10 so that i can break 9 and still feel comfortable) then i went and bought new fabric.
just because i liked the green color.
and those look like polka dots so i thought "why the heck not." yeah i bought the rest of the bolt. why the heck not.

i've also been eyeing this necklace every.single.week.
my other favorite one broke not too long ago, so there's my justification. it was $10 and sooooo worth every penny.
why? well because when i thought my bad day that started before 7 am was starting to look up...
at the check out line at walmart...
after one whole year of avoiding her...the woman that makes me get hives:
jerry happened to me once again.
if you don't want to read the whole dang post dedicated to just jerry let me give you a little cliffs notes if you will of "us":
*the woman and i don't mix. (she doesn't know it and i would much rather have it stay that way) *i move in fast forward motion most of the time.
*she does not.
*i am known to sometimes be an "A" type personality
*she's a "Z" type... as in snoooooo"zzzz"e
*i am no nonsense when i am shopping with my kids. i want in and out as quick as possible.
*she likes to look at and everyone else's for that matter.
*she likes to talk to everyone she knows in line before me after me and passing by me but not to me, probably because i'm having a nervous reaction to her and break out in hives.
*she knows a whole hell of a lot of people.
*she makes my eye twitch every damn time.
this time was no different.
but lets just say this time it also included me mopping up pee off the floor because after the thirtieth time that katie screamed " i go pee" she really did go pee.

at that point i looked up to the sky and said : okay you've made your point...move on already.
and i realized maybe all those times that i joked about going to hell...
really weren't worth it.

so. okay. sorry universe.
if i promise not to joke about going to hell anymore and promise to make my bed every morning will you promise to keep jerry in the other lane?
thank you and amen.
here's to a better day.
or a lot of alcohol.
wait i don't drink.


QuiltNut Creations said...

LOVE the fabric and you totally deserved the necklace. i know a few people like Jerry *shudder*

hope Wednesday is better for you! and i am so making my bed in the morning

Jodi Nelson said...

Here's a little reminder to go make your bed if you haven't already. ;o) ooxx`jod

Jodi Nelson said...

P.S. love the new background. Very snazzy. ;o) ooxx`jod

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that has these issues ;o) When I go grocery shopping I pick the lane I want based on the cashier...I don't mind waiting another 5 minutes just to avoid the ones that like to comment on every item you once I was buying fresh basil and the cashier, very rudely said..."oh, I thought I could smell basil...yuk I can't stand it!!" I even have tactics to avoid the managers that try and direct you to another lane! I have my favorites and I stick to them!

Unknown said...

I don't drink either maybe people like Jerry are the reason some people do .I do like your fabric though .

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know a similar person who I like to avoid for similar reasons, and when I go to certain places, I kind of keep an eye out for her so I don't run into her. Know that feeling well.

Inna said...

That fabric is gorgeous! and so is the necklace. Can't wait to see what you're gonna make (with the fabric)

I hate the Jerry's of this world too.

rachel griffith said...

cute fabric.
{♥ the pincushion too.}

go for you buying that necklace.
you SO deserve it.
especially after the whole jerry fiasco.

oh and go to my blog.
be ready to laugh.

Karen from Sew Many Ways... said...

love the fabric and the necklace. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of the week is much better. Lets all bow our heads and pray that they move Jerry to sporting goods!

Sarah said...

im just waiting for my turn to mop the pee off the floor...with a 3 year old and 9 month old i know it will be coming eventually!!!:)

Cheryl said...

sorry to hear you day went downhill after your post. But the fabric and the necklace make it all good,right?
Love that pincushion. Did you make that with 1 X 1 squares?

Tricia said...

Oh V,
I'm sorry to hear about your rough day (that got rougher).
Unfortunately those days do creep up on us sometimes. If it makes you feel better though, (and I don't know if it will) you made me laugh a little bit.
I hope today is much better for you.
Ooh, and I really like the new background too. Very happy.
Have a fantastic, wonderul, over the top day,

Deb C. said...

Love the fabric. Did you get that at Walmart too? If so, I've got to go get me some of that! I've got a 'jerry' at my grocery store. She has to look at everything I buy and say "Oh that looks good. How is it?" To which I would LOVE to reply (but don't 'cause I'm nice) "oh it tastes like crap! I buy it cause I'm on a diet and like to waste my money"! How does she think it tastes?
I so feel for you!

Suburban Stitcher said...

I think that jerry should have bought you that necklace...payback for wasting your time :)

T@iy@ said...

Ahh... my "Jerry" works at our Target store. I understand. Unfortunately mine actually talks to me.

Betsy said...

Today will look up....I promise!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain girl! Heres to a better day, week, ect.. I send all the pos. vibes I can! hugs homemakerkate

mom2three said...

Hope today is better!

I have a "Jerry" at the deli counter. Slow as molasses and cuts the roast beef way too thick... when she calls my number I usually have to make up an excuse so that I don't get her. My excuses are lame, I'm sure she knows I'm avoiding her, then I feel bad. You've got to start paying more attention to who the checkout person is :)

girlsmama said...

Someday I'll have to tell you about the 7-11 guy. I'm way to polite I tell you. It shouldn't take 15 minutes to buy a slurpee.

Sherri said...

I'm so sorry you had a bad day, but your post sure made me laugh this morning! And yeah, I know a few "Jerry's" too! Love, love, love the green dot fabric, necklcace, and the Wonderland pincushion!

Amanda Jean said...

i just LOVE the necklace!!! i hope things are better today.

Marie said...

I am laughing so hard..Love the necklace...Did you go look at my blog? You must LOOK!

Purple Quilter Queen said...

Holy Cow! I think there is a Jerry in every Wal-Mart! You deserve the necklace and the fabric. If they makes your day a little more sane - then so be it! I'm thinking self scan is in your future! Jenn

Marci said...

oh my hell i had that same damn day! mine carried over til this morning when i forgot to go get my jr high kids and take them to school on the bus! it's got to end today just has to or i really might turn to drinkin!

michele said...

thanks for starting my morning out with a laugh :D i *so* enjoyed reading about your wal-mart antics. hope your day goes better today!

Melly said...

I have had a WM checker ready my valentines card that was intended for my husband, I told her it was now used and I did not want it anymore, she was flabbergasted.

One time when my son was melting down about getting into the buggy the greeter looked him in the eye and said "I don't give stickers to bad little boys!" This only intensified the fit and we litterally had to leave with out shopping. The greeter has known us for years and knows my son is for the most part very well behaved. I have never liked her since. BTW her name is Jerry, maybe they are long lost twins.

Melissa said...

Oh my heck!! We totally shop at the same Wal-Mart!! I think I know exactly who you are talking about! And I avoid her too! I'll stand in a line that is twice as long as hers just because I know that no matter what I'll still be done before the last person in her line! Does she really need to look at the ingredients of everything that I buy!!?? Great fabric though and really great necklace! Where did you find them?

Sinta Renee said...

1. pincushion on table: very cute.
2. fabric: yeah, why the heck not.
3. Necklace: it works for you:)
4. Jerry: funny, uh- but sorry
5. Promises: good luck

Jill@Barnes Yard said...

You seriously crack me up!

Unknown said...

I too spent 20-25 minutes in a Wal*Mart checkout line last night. I got in a line that had only 3 people in front of me. As I saw others come and go in the other lines I got angrier and angrier. You would have thought it was Christmas the way the lines were.

I had this very same conversation with my hubby and kiddos of why I hate that place. I know, HATE is a strong word... The only reason why I went there was because it was close to McD's and the kids were playing there. So as I was venting to the hubby, his reply was this..."do you realize how much those people get paid? Perhaps they are just matching their work with their pay." I never thought of it that way. I wonder... do you think there is any truth to that?

dotti white said...

V--I feel for you. I hope things are going much better today! Smile!

forever folding laundry said...

Hee hee. This made me laugh. Here's to a better day!


Tracy said...

You definitely deserved that fun fabric and that darling necklace. I'm sure I'm not the first to ask if you really bought that at the "W"??? If so, I'm out the door first thing in the morning for one of those! Keeping my fingers crossed that Jerry's sister doesn't work at my store! Sorry she put a damper on your day. You are a trooper girl!

V and Co. said...

to all of you asking about the necklace and the fabric
necklace:yes from walmart
fabric:i wish i paid walmart prices for it. no it was at my quilt store 45 minutes away. and i was surprised to find it because usually they don't have really cute stuff.

Hillary said...

I've had that day... I'm so sorry :) It really does help to read someone elses and laugh though! So thank you, and if you want to read about it just so you feel better I'll send you a link, of course new jewelry & fabric does fix about everything :)

amy smart said...

So funny. Something was in the air because I had a very similar day. (And I even made my bed!) People were just driving me crazy. Life's always a bit nutty with kids, but I had things within the realm of control when someone else would take things another direction and make things 10x harder.

The worst was I had to ship something overseas and didn't want to stand in line forever at the post office, so I decided it would be worth the extra $1.19 to go to the local Copy-Post-Mart place. So the girl weighs my package, tells me the price $29.95 and PRINTS THE POSTAGE before I can say, "wait, I want the cheaper ($12.95) option." So that little time-saving trip cost me an extra 20 bucks. I was so irritated.

Sorry this is so long.

Thanks for letting me vent.

john still in nc but longing for cincy said...

a check out line in the south is a chance for a social occassion-
"how's yore mama ?"
i grew up in the south but moved north for quite a while-
been back south for 5 years now but still not used to the check out line social yet-
and some people don't even think of paying until all the nicities are over-
" you are gonna write a check now, after jawing for 5 minutes?"
and then there are the ones that are sure they are gonna be the 1000th person of the day and win everything they bought-
so they don't win, and then the go digging for the purse and money or cards-

john in nc

joanna said...

Okay,laughing out loud about your walmart story. Read it to my boys. they are cackling while they play WII.... have a great weekend!

Jessica Munk said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! That is the exact same thing that goes through my head in the same "Jerry" situation!! So funny! I am glad I am not alone!
There is a Seinfeld episode where Elaine is stuck on a crowded subway train that is not moving. And she is going to be late to a lesbian wedding where she is going to be the best "man". Anyway, the narration is what is going through her head as she is stuck in the crowded train. Hilarious!! Just like this! Thanks for sharing!

Annalia said...

I have necklace that's super-similar to yours! I got it at the Goodwill for 99 cents. My favorite!

We don't have a Jerry (or I haven't met her yet), but MY least favorite is when the lady cutting my fabric has a super-low tolerance for kids. Yes, I know mine are crazy, but I love them... and I expect other people to be moderately nice to them.

Anna said...

don;t know how I ended up at this post, but I laughed out loud. Thanks! :)

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