Friday, April 3, 2009

decorating 101

picture by pottery barn

i see it all the time. and really it's not their fault. they hear "eye level" and yeah we are taller these days, but too often i see pictures "floating" up on walls too high. and when asked by someone who wants my help to decorate their space i've had a couple of interesting "discussions" on what "eye level" in their house means. i often hear "my husband and i are taller than you."
uh yeah, well most of America is taller than me so what's your point?
it still doesn't change one HUGE point:
picture by pottery barn

art galleries actually set the standard. they say that the average eye level is between 59 to 63 inches. so as decorators of our own spaces, we are advised to use that as our guideline...oh i can hear all the questions already:

should the top, bottom, or center be that height?

the center of your art should be at the recommended height.

what if i have a group of pictures?

well then pretend your group of pictures is one big piece of art. the center of your art should always be around the 59 to 63 inches off the ground.
plan accordingly when you start hanging your group up.

what about over sofa's and beds?
6 to 12 inches above the sofa or your head board (so the experts say)

what about buffets or side tables (shelves)?
generally you want to hang it (or have it leaning against the wall) close to the anchoring piece of furniture so around 4 to 8 inches above (so the experts say)

so there you have it my first 101 for decorating.
here's to not having too high of art on the walls.
it'll make your house more pleasing to the eye i promise!
have a great weekend!
we're just chillin
getting ready for our trip to california next weekend.
and while hubby watches dvr-ed shows after the noisemakers go to bed i will snuggle up next to him having a love affair...

i have a date with book #3

City of Glass (Mortal Instruments)
i would like to point out that EDWARD has BEEN REPLACED.

oh yes i dare say that JACE is

oooooh let the hate mail begin.


QuiltNut Creations said...

WHAT? someone sexier than Edward?!?! say it isn't so?

are these vampire books too? i might have to check them out lol

rachel griffith said...

you did NOT just say that!!!
even though you love edward in the blue puffy jacket?!?!?!
and you know how you love the way he's just perfect!!!

ahhh snap...i've gotta read thia book your reading, just to size up this jace character for myself.

you knew it would be me huh?!?!
hi. my name is rachel and i'll be the one reminding you how much you love edward!!!

p.s. great decorating 101 tips. i've got one set of pics that i've always felt were too high, but the hubby said no, now i can prove him wrong. thanks for that. haha.

Betsy said...

I loathe when I go to people's houses and all their pictures are way up HIGH! I always want to pull out my hammer and lower them.

I think I am quite possibly the only one in the world who thinks Edward is not quite so sexy but kind of creepy because of how perfect he is. Just saying....maybe I should meet Jace.

Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Just found you thru the Inspired Room. You have a new follower (in a day and age when I wasn't going to follow anyone else. :)

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Thanks for researching the height thing for us. Yes, it does look much better at that level.

Trixi said...

I love, love, love that blue on the pottery barn living room wall. If I could think of a color of furniture it would go with besides white, I would repaint my living room. I think I may use it in my master bedroom redo.

Tricia said...

I don't know V. Sexier than Edward?! Gasp!!
I find it a bit hard to believe, but since you think so much of them, I think I'll mosey on over to my Public Library website and order them.
I mean really, what's another marathon series reading, ya' know?
I think my kids are tired of me being mentally available anyway. Tee hee!
We'll see. ;)

By the way, great 101!

Cheryl said...

I love how Pottery Barn decorates. It's a relaxed, but sophisticated style.
Thanks so much for sharing this info on hanging pics. As I have a buffet that has a frame that has been leaning against the wall. I would really like to have it hung. Now I know where to place it.
Oh, and who is Edward?

V and Co. said...

yes the books have vampires in them but they are not the main characters...YOU NEED TO READ THEM...i like them a lot if you can't tell. there are only 3.

um cheryl? who is edward?
twilight? have you NOT read these books? anyone have an extra copy we can send over to cheryl?!!! ;)

Tara said...

Now I've got to go to the book store. and move my pictures down a few inches. My "eye Level" is about 70"--and I've always thought those pictures were too high!

Mindy said...

My husband and I have had this eye level discussion many a time! I'm winning! ;) (And I'm with you, V!)

Shepherd Family ACALPM said...

I hate walking into someone's house and seeing art touching the ceiling! It is sooooo annoying! I used to work for a framer, so I am sensitive to it! :O)

Elizabeth S. said...

Well to say my granddaughter would beg to differ. She just loves these books and movie. She is definitely an Edward fan!! Keep reading. I have read them all myself and took her to see the movie. She has all the books and just got the movie for her birthday.

Mrs. Petrie said...

I went to a conference on poverty once and the presenter said that you could often tell socio-economic level by how art was hung in a home. I am not kidding!

Orchardviewcottage said...

I love your blog and have to commet... NO WAY is anyone sexier than Edward.. but I may have to check out Jace anyway!! lol.. I spend about two hours yesterday reading all of your old blog entries and had such a good time. I have added your button to my blog and am going to try my hand at your fabric covered Easter eggs today!! Thanks!

Elisabeth said...

My baby is asleep, my other kids are still at school ,and I'm sitting here with a glass of milk and a bag of little bites reading back through the archives of your blog, which I just discovered today. I LOVE IT!!
I really love the little bench you painted white. Can't wait to read more!

Shabby Raggy Roses said...

No Way! Edward will ALWAYS be sexier! Lol! I tried to read these books and just couldn't get into them, it was a very slow start...maybe I should try again. Or maybe I just don't want anyone to replace Edward! Try reading Vampire Academy & Evernight - I think they're brilliant.
Best wishes,
Edward fan foreva! He He!

Jennifer V said...

Thank you for this post! It drives me BATTY when I visit people and their pictures are three inches from the ceiling. WHY oh WHY would they hang them like that? It just looks WEIRD!!

kristi lee said...

Hi! I've been a stalker for a while and your Mortal Instrument comment TOTALLY caught my attention.

I just finished the 3rd book and LOVED it! The first one didn't really grab me because I think I expected it to be "twilightish" but I got in the groove by the second and am a Jace fan too.

So...hi...I'm kristi. If we lived closer I'd say "let's hang out!"

Cheryl said...

I have in fact heard of the Twilight series, but have not read it. Thanks for answering my question. I have so much dedicated reading on my plate right now, I don't have time to leisure read.

Kelly O. said...

Hi there,
didn't know if this would interest you or your readers but chaletgirl is having a vintage sheet swap. yOu can check it out here
After reading of all you've done with sheets I'm totally excited about this!
Kelly O
skotten at distributel dot net

patsy said...

V- I just have to write & tell you THANK YOU FOR YOUR GREAT TUTORIALS!! I am just finishing up a set of twin pin wheel quilts for my daughter's room & they are turning out ADorABle!!!

I LOVE your tutorials- so easy to follow-

you are the best!
thanks again!

Sarah said...

GASP!!! Edward...replaced?!?!?! My husband really may think I am nuts if he finds out I feel the need to obsessively read another set of vampire books! Guess I'll just be crazy then! I am also glad to know I am right on the way I stood my ground on the placement of pics/mirrors. My husband thinks I am also crazy for leaning pictures up against the wall. MAYBE he is the crazy one:)

Amanda Jean said...

you mean we are supposed to hang things up on our walls? THAT'S what i'm missing. :) i'm going to have to try that.

Unknown said...

YOu can totally say that. I replaced Mr. Darcy with Mr. Thornton (BBC's North and South) and lost friends over it (ok, not really). But I think Edward could be easily replaced. I'm just sayin.

Molly said...

Thanks so much for sharing these nice and thoughtful pictures!! Pottery barn kids has a great collection for decorating your kids room.

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