Thursday, March 19, 2009

you all keep asking the same questions

so many of you keep asking who did my header: well i have to thank EMILY JUNE DESIGNS for my fabulous new headers (she did my etsy one too!) and button.
i have bling now, and now you can have it on your blog as well! wear it proudly friends!

second off i have to tell you that i love getting your emails. really i do. and just because i don't get back to you right away doesn't mean i don't want to get back to you all. it's just life you know...kind of happens. and i promise i will get back to you all soon.

one thing i've noticed though through your emails is that even though you don't know each other (well some of you do) i keep getting asked the same questions from different people. so i've decided that instead of answering the same questions over and over i'm going to address them in posts broken down into two different categories:

where we will touch issues like getting rid of junk, simplifying your lives, having your kids help with thier rooms, clutter control and scheduling your house cleaning ...i'm sure the list will expand as we keep going.


where we will tackle things like the correct placement of pictures on a wall, grouping, and cheap and easy decor.

now keep in mind this will all just be V-isms and nothing fancy. i have helped people organize their spaces and time before, and i have helped decorate houses, but by no way am i saying i'm a there you disclaimer. so in the near future start looking for 101's.

now if you have anything you want me to talk about go ahead leave me a comment or email me and i'll see what i can do! also if there is anything that i cover and you have MORE info on it go ahead and leave me a comment or email and we will work it into future 101's.

here's to making our home's sanctuaries one organizing or decorating project at a time!


Erica said...

Love you blog!

I have a question for you - do you have any tips for cleaning up after a day of projects? Between ink and hot glue and spray paint I seem to be constantly trying to scrub one substance or another off my skin.

I sometimes use gloves depending on my mood and although I try to be careful I always end up covered in paint.

Any 'been there done that' tips would be greatly appreciated.


Erica said...

damn, I meant 'your' blog!

Unknown said...

Well after visiting here for a few months, I too love your blog. It's always interesting and you write like you enjoy it.
So any hints are great. Those of us out here who visit often are always interested in what we all do.

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Yeah, cute button. I checked out her website, really cute stuff. So are you and Jacob going to be Professors now??? Look forward to your 101 courses!

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

I do love your new banner, but the other one was so great too, and that is what made me stop and read your blog. It was so different from the rest, just like you!

Aubrey said...

I don't remember if you've already posted about this, but I want some of your secrets to your great photos too.

And of course I'm all about the decluttering, though I think it's going to be impossible in my house--it's too small with too many people in it.

Sachiko said...

Hey,V! I love your header and the button, they are so cute! Someday I want mine professionaly done too.
I have a question, where did you find the small wood hangers? I have been looking for them but so far, no luck.
Happy blogging! :)

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog, and I love it! Over the weekend I drank tea and read through the archives, it was so fun. My question for you is, how did you learn to quilt? Would you ever do a quilting 101 tutorial? Your house is amazing....and I look forward to your decorating tips.
Katie M

Katie said...

can't wait to get the 101's!! Very excited! Also..I am putting your button on my blog!

Rue said...

Hi Vanessa :)

I'm going to love the 101's! Love the blog button too and I'm going to put it on my blog links blog :)

I so hear you on the emails. I feel awful, but I don't always get to them and the comment return is slow going these days too. I can't seem to juggle it as well as I could before now that I'm working on the house AND having a life LOL I put a disclaimer on my blog, because if I don't do either of those things I won't have anything to blog about. It's a vicious circle ;)

Thank you for the sweet compliment! I love your blog too :)


Jessica Munk said...

wall treatments: can you mix art and photo and what about frames? and how much of the wall do you use? is it better to have large things or lots of little? and any modern decor wall ideas. I love the shelf with the white pitchers. and window treatments anything new here? its seems like the same old department store stuff..a bit boring.
Thanks! I love you blog too! You very inspiring!

Jocelyn said...

Looking forward to your 101's.

Betsy said...

I am pumped about this!

Jana said...


You are so creative! I as well envy your header and I am going to try to put your button on my blog, you see I'm still figuring out the "blog" world. I love tuning in each day to see what you have brewing! Happy Blogging, Jana

Jana said...


I too envy your header and button they look so fresh and "springy"! I am going to try and post your button on my blog, you see I am still trying to figure out all this blog stuff!! I love tuning in each day to see what you have brewing! Do you stay up at night thinking of all this creative cute stuff- I swear your a little Martha! Love, Jana

Unknown said...

yeah! i can't wait for the 101's! Your super talented!

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