Friday, February 27, 2009

welcome home 142nd from afghanistan

welcome home! it was great seeing you there this morning. hope you have a wonderful time re-integrating with your families!
ladies you looked hot, and your husbands are some pretty lucky guys! love you guys.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

happy birthday to my 3rd noise maker

dude you are 5 today!
here's a few fun things about you right now:
*you love LOVE star wars (big surprise)
*you are super snugly
*every night between 3am to 5 am you crawl into bed with mom and dad
*you may be small, but your voice is huge (seriously can you keep it down)
*you LOVE your brothers and can't wait till they get home from school so you can see them
*you get super annoyed with your lil sis
*you can climb ANYTHING
*you have my most favorite laugh in the whole wide world
you are so WONDERFUL and we LOVE you to PIECES.
yeah we're using the new flags
**make sure you come back on monday i'll be doing a give away

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

update on my mom and cell phone

just got the call from my mom saying she can't figure out how to check messages so she's going down to the store that sold her the phone and tell them she needs help. she is happy to report though that after a few missed calls and hitting every darn button on the phone she figured out how to answer the thing...which explains as to why she has messages to listen to.

oh and i told her about my blog post and how HAPPY everyone is for her to finally jump into the 21st century...she says "thank you" with a cute heavy south american accent

this one i'm keeping for my grand babies

*stupid laundry to fold (again)
*birthday cake to make
*blue and gold banquet cake to make
*clean toilets
*de-junk-i-fy craft area
*get ready for the monthly crankies to hit
*go get a new bag of choc chips to replace the ones i ate last night so i can make cookies
so many things i should be doing but instead i'll just sit here and think about future grand babies

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a little blue and a little hell freezing over

thank you so much for the love over at the moda bake shop and here! you guys are the best. i may have to do a giveaway of some sort to show you how thankful i really am...i'm thinking next week.
okay so a small percentage of the people who voted said "robin's egg blue"for the chair and i was asked if i have any blue in my house. i do, not much, but i do. but in the room that the chair lives in, it seems to be a little more on the sparse side. i'm usually in my blue pj bottoms or jeans and those are blue and i spend most of the time in this room, so i guess that adds more blue into the mix. so there. i've still not decided on the color of the chair, so for now it's still a lovely primer white color.
aaaah yes, i got the call today...hell has finally frozen over...
my mom, the woman who doesn't drive her car places because she can walk there, the woman who still has a phone with the coil-y thing on it so you have to stand close to where the phone is mounted while you talk, the woman who requests to buy the car that doesn't have automatic locks or windows because she doesn't trust "mechanical" things, the woman who doesn't own a computer and even if she did, why would she need it? the woman who calls me from pay phones and from gas stations when she drives from sunny san diego, out to the middle of nowhere utah....
GET THIS::went out and got herself a cell phone.
she called me from it and you would of thought she'd won the california lottery of 44 mil. she was that excited to tell me.
my mom: (with cute heavy south american accent) Vanessa! GUESS WHAT!
me:(with no accent, i was born and raised here) mom? where are you calling from? my caller id shows some # i've never...wait a minute...
my mom: heheeeeehe hee! (she honestly was that giddy) YUP I DID IT!
me: holy mother of all that is good! NO WAY! (i grew up catholic can you tell)
my mom: yeah i can call you from ANYWHERE now.
me: lol (great)
my mom:yeah i LOVE IT!
me : lol... so what? are you going to go out and get yourself a computer next?
my mom: no, but ricky(my mom's bestesess friend in the whole wide world, who just so happens to be my ex-step father...long story) just got one of those small computers that fold...
me: a lap top
my mom: yeah! and he's going to hook it up to the phone line...
me: SHUT UP! you are scaring really stop.
my mom: no really we just need to figure out how to use it
me: well hell just froze over
my mom:what?
me:don't worry about it i'm just mumbling and looking out my window to see if any of the neighboring pigs sprouted wings...
my mom:yeah, then i can check that thing you write every day...
me: out cold... passed out...i must of just died...if it's chilly when i wake up i'll know where i went.

Monday, February 23, 2009

tutorial: rag rug and moda

a few weeks ago i got an email from a wonderful woman from moda (yeah THE MODA ) asking if i would be interested in posting some tutorials over at moda bake shop. first, i swore out loud (going to have to repent for that one) then i was like "this has got to be a joke." then i looked around to see if there were any hidden cameras and some annoying dude hiding somewhere ready to come out and yell "HAHA! you are on tv bloopers and practical jokes!" but no one did...and so i re-read the email and i replied "sure i would." (trying to play it and sound all cool) and then immediately started to have the desire to blow chunks. (that feeling hasn't really stopped yet...i mean it's MOOOOOODAAAAA people!)anyways here's my first tutorial for moda bake shop. i don't feel like i can hold a candle to any of the other ladies doing the tutorials over there, maybe i'll just be the village idiot, but either way, i consider myself lucky. so thank you moda for the opportunity.
you can find the instructions here.
since so many wanted to know how i made my first rag rug for the little one's bedroom, and i didn't feel comfortable giving crochet instructions (heck, i can't even follow them without someone holding my hand) i was inspired by the wool braided rugs and came up with this tutorial. i think from now on i'll make all my rag rugs like this...and yeah i'm going to make one for like EVERY room, maybe even two...i'm even thinking of making them for my etsy shop.

so go on, go over there and give me some love and help my stomach calm down some!
oh and thank you for all the support and suggestions for my chair...i'll post a picture when it's all done! bloggy hugs- V

Friday, February 20, 2009

which way should i go?

my house looks like a tornado hit it.
the chair is almost done, but....
that's just primer on there and i'm wondering....
white, black or red for the actual wood part?
inquiring minds want to know.
i'm leaning towards bright fire engine red.
need to fold laundry
just the tip of the ice burg.

make sure you come back monday i've been working on a tutorial that i'm pretty excited and antsy to share with you all. have a great weekend, i'm going to clean.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

is it spring yet?

maybe if i keep making springy sort of things for myself it will speed up the process...
love this new bag i made for myself. i had bought the rings to make it around december, with the intentions of making this bag a while ago. but i'm glad i waited till now because i think the color of this bag makes me happy.
(btw it's hard to take that close of a picture of yourself without looking weird doing it, but the man that was formerly known as GI Joe husband refused to take any more pictures for the blog because i was too..."specific" and "picky" and sometimes "mean"...and he didn't want the job of assistant to the blogger unless he got paid. he said he didn't deserve to work under those conditions and abuse... whatever...i think he liked it) mom if you are reading this...i'm kidding (sort of)...just wanted you to know that.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

insert witty title here

usually i have no problem with a title and well i guess there's a first for everything... presidents day was really low key for us. with all the kids home and the husband (no longer GI Joe husband...i'll have to come up with something witty) not starting up work till next week...we pretty much just hung out and did "stuff". we started the day with fresh fruit, my organic eating mom would be so darn proud. of course we ended the day with chili cheese hot dogs, but with the fruit it all gets canceled out right? just like how when you go to McDonald's and get a big mac and the extra large fries...and you get the DIET COKE it all works out...
i started on a new project... oh i really can't wait to show you what i'm working on but that will have to wait! i think it'll be super cute
i also finished up some stuff for etsy... thank you etsy shoppers!
also because i start hyperventilating every time i think about re-upholstering anything big, i thought i would start with this...i can't wait to finish what i started today...
the little one loves to be on my lap when i sew and to be right there as i cut and create things. i can only hope that she will continue to be so "into" what mommy likes to do as she is now. i can just see us sewing together and have her tell me "mom, that was cool like 10 years ago...try this"
i'm really good at really i am! and i'm smokin' on the drums on easy... husband thinks he's all cool cause he can do "hard" on guitar, drums and vocals...whatever
and finally after the kids went to bed, this is what i missed the most when he was gone...hanging with the husband watching Robot Chicken: Star Wars and my new favorite show "Chuck". we're still watching the first season, and recording what ever season is on now (i think it's only on it's second season?), and surely we'll catch up sooner or later. what'd you do?

Monday, February 16, 2009

things i want to try from blogland...

one thing that blogging has brought into my life (besides some great blogging friends) is some great inspiration, here are a few that i really can't stop thinking about: camille's chair makes me want to go out and just do the re-upholstering thing...this was her FIRST attempt. can you believe that?
my wonderful friend larissa made this apron and i think the colors are just fabulous and makes me so excited for spring.

my wonderful friend mel's family tree has got to be the cutest family tree i've ever laid eyes on. she has a tutorial on how to make one.
this super yummy chocolate butter cake from the farm chicks looks to die for...tell me that wouldn't take away the monthly crankies.

this awesome quilt that moda lissa is making is so fresh and lovely...oh i really can't wait to try it.
there are so many (and not just the one's i've mentioned) wonderfully talented women out there that just keep amazing me, and keep making me want to try new things!

Friday, February 13, 2009

tutorial::rice bag feet warmer

this would be a perfect holiday gift for neighbors, friends, or teachers. it's fast it's cheap and essential for the cold weather!
what you'll need:
one bag of rice (i used a 1 lb 12 oz bag) one fat quarter of muslin and one fat quarter of really cute fabric. (this particular fabric is moda)

first you are going to cut two 14 x 7 inches rectangles out of your muslin (this will be your rice bag)

sew together along three sides of your muslin pieces using a 1/4 seam allowance.

turn it inside out and fill it with the whole bag of rice.

fold in the raw edge in on itself and sew shut. your rice bag is done, so put it aside. now lets start working on your cover.

grab your super cute fabric and cut out three different rectangles. one at 14 x 7 the second one at 10 x 7 and the third one at 8 x 7
now the two smaller rectangles are the back so you are going to fold over 1/4 inch once (on one of the 7 inch side) and press with an iron...

then fold over again for the second time and press with an iron. do the same to the second small rectangle.
next sew along your folded fabric so that you end up with two nice finished edges

place right sides together

make sure you pin down all three pieces

and sew along all four sides together using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

turn inside out and stuff the muslin rice bag inside your slip cover.

and now your toe's can be all nice and toasty in style and it's so darn cute that it'll even look good hanging out on your night table!

have a great valentines day, we're planning a low key celebration (which really means: i couldn't get a babysitter, but hey i don't care the kids are still young enough that they go to bed early and that's when the oreos and ice cream come out!)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

because dept stores are about to do it...

even though there are still two days left till valentines day...lets not forget the next big girly holiday coming up...MOTHER'S DAY...and well, because the department stores are getting ready to promote it, i thought i would as well...go to my shop and buy yourself this pattern. it includes instructions on how to make the embroidery, AND the pillow shown. go on, you know you want to. tomorrow i should be posting the tutorial for the rice bag. happy thursday.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

this one's just for me

do your feet ever stay cold no matter how long you've been under your covers? is it just me?
well yesterday i decided i was not going to have cold feet anymore! and decided to make me a rice heating know the ones you stick in the microwave.
i wanted it to look stylish and cute...but i also wanted to change the cover if my fancy so required it...
i also use it on my tense neck and hello! loove it and i feel all relaxed when it's finally all cooled off!
now before you all start barking at me that you want a tutorial, it's coming, and it's so easy.
maybe by the end of the week. (so far i've managed to keep from getting the flu, probably has to do a little with the spraying down the children with lysol every time they come near me...we'll see if my luck stays up!)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

things i love...

re-purposing old sheetscute little sundress made out of second hand find sheets. this skirt and this quilt were my first projects with old sheets. then i attempted the barcelona skirt pictured above. by far this is my FAVORITE skirt i own.
and then i started making dresses for the little one with old sheets, love this one!
i got all crazy (with the help of my great friend who everyone thinks we're related because we look alike) and made this cute crocheted rug out of old white sheets and with one strip of cute gigham fabric. i think i may try to convince her that we need to make a few more of these (wouldn't they look cute in a bathroom?)
seriously, old sheets are great because they have a finished edge already there so pj's and other projects are easy to finish!

so if you'd passed up sheets before in the second hand store, most likely i've gone right behind you and bought them, but now you know, and won't pass them up next time!

Monday, February 9, 2009

tutorial:: moda charm pack celebration flag

got some charm packs you need to use? wouldn't this be so cute in your little boys room? or for a party?
first get yourself some charm packs...yeah that's me promoting my shop.
fold in half one block (all charm packs are 5x5 so if you are just cutting out your squares cut them to this length and width)
line up your ruler at an angle (make sure the fold is towards you so when you open it up you end up having one whole piece) draw a line with a pencil down your angle. this is your cutting line cut with pinking shears like mine or use plain scissors, it will be just as cute!
now you have your triangle (extra step would be to sew around 1/4 inch in so the flag won't fray as much, but i skipped this step seeing that i'm only going to use it for birthdays or such things and won't get a ton of wear) now for this particular project i used store bought bias tape it was the easiest option.

i then sewed my triangles into the bias tape one by one. i guess i could of ironed the thing...but whatever and look how cute it turned out! use it as room decor or as party bling either way it's super cute! hope you like!
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