Friday, December 12, 2008

a winner and a confession

well thanks for playing! yes, here's to another fun year but with a husband in the picture! so i asked the random integer generator thing a mi-jiggy to get me a random # (uh, no way was i going to pick out the winner and have the rest of you get mad at me!) so here's your RANDOM # 23 and the winner: is lisa who said:
Hi V.
my first time here... and I've really enjoyed it. I'll probably be coming back to do some more browsing around here. love the bandanna skirt. I'm thinking my girls have some in their dress-up box.. i may have to sneak a couple to try this skirt out.would love to be entered into the giveaway... cute bag!have a great day.

alright LISA !!way to be the integer generator's random #!
i've gotten a few requests for the bandanna skirt worries next week my friends next week. not only that but i'm updating the shop with aprons, stitcheries, and charm packs and table runners next week so please come back and check it out would you?
so lisa give me your address via email and i'll send out your little bag on monday.

so i went to go see something again....

remember my disappointment in the twilight movie? well i re-read twilight, and decided i may of been too harsh on the movie the first time. so when it came to my little town, i rounded up the troops. let me tell you there is nothing funnier than 6 women climbing out of a minivan all jazzed up about teenage vampires. what was the outcome? i loved it the second time around. because i already knew it wasn't the book. still cheesy, yes...but edward made it all okay because the eye candy was delish. i may of even been heard to say "i want to have edward's babies!" yeah, i have good friends that just laugh at me and my stupidities. favorite part in the movie: when bella is washing her truck and edward is looking oh so fine leaning up against it with his hair all messed up and his blue puffy jacket. i'm going to go buy GI joe a jacket that looks just like that and i'm going to make him grow out his hair like that. meow... what only 50 somewhat days left! ahahaha! pretty sure i'm going to hear about this one later on. does anyone know how long till the dvd comes out?


Felicia said...

Um...I believe it was more like, "i am in LOVE with Edward and I want to make babies with him..." :o) but then, I was high on cold medicine so maybe my memory is slightly warped.

That was a fun night out with the girls. We should do it again sometime.

GI Joe--I can't wait to see you in your puffy blue jacket and long hair!

Colleen said...

I watched it again last night for my birthday. Even my husband agreed that Edward made the movie. HOTT.

Marie said...

Too funny! I am glad you like it the 2nd time. I cant wait for the movie to come out! Jon told me he would watch it with me.

Marie said...

Around March 20, 2009

Kara said...

Again you are so funny. I went to see it with some friends, and I had extremely low expectations, so I didn't mind it. But I'm probably the only one that thinks Edward is ugly. Oh well.

Sally said...

Oh yeah! Twilight the 2nd time...there are no words...


rachel griffith said...

i gotta tell ya:
i saw the title and then i saw my name in the pic...thought i was a winner til i started reading.
it made me laugh.

congrats lisa!!!

okay and about twilight:
yayyy that you changed your mind.
my heart isn't broken anymore.

and gi joe:
even though you *might* hate the jacket...PLEASE {i'm begging you} let vanessa take a pic for us!!!

p.s. ONLY 50ish more days!!!
i'm SO happy for you!!!

girlsmama said...

You crack me up! Hubby went with me to see it! I think he might have wanted to see it more than me. Yes he read the books. I'm on #4 for the second time. They were still a fun read the second time!

Gi Joe in a blue puffy would definitely have to get a picture for me to believe it!

V and Co. said...

oh man rachel i'm SO SORRY about that i didn't even think about it till you said that!

Biteofpunkinpie said...

this is 100% off topic, but.... i love your shoes? where'd you get 'em?

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