Saturday, November 1, 2008

my best friend ginger

these are my best friend ginger's kids.

let me tell you a little about my best friend ginger. we met in cali when our GI joe husbands were at the D.L.I.(defense language institute) i used to be able to look out my window and watch my kids walking to her house and vise versa. we would hang out every single day talking, laughing, and making things. she knows way too much about me, AND SHE STILL LIKES ME.
she has a southern accent that makes anyone of the opposite sex swoon, i remember one time we went to costco, and the checker guy was like "hey, wow, that's a nice accent you got...where you from?" she answered "oh [chuckle] i'm from south carolina." sounding like scarlet. i interject "uh yeah lover boy? i'm from san diego...what's that to ya?" he answered me with a nasty scowl. she makes dinner southern style that includes a roast, potatoes, green beans the whole shi-bang any time during the the week. her house is full of beautiful antiques she gets from her mom who just so happens to be an antique dealer. she's an awesome mom and wife. and she always calls me whenever, just to talk...and sometimes i feel like she just knew that she needed to call me. she's the kind of friend i hope to be.i look up to her.
we have make believe plans of when we will live in the same neighborhood again and our kids will fall in love with each other.we live too far away from each other and that makes us sad, but we have email and phone calls that keep us connected. she's the sister i never had. and if i could ever convince her to get a blog i could see my future son and daughter in laws on a regular basis in their daily activities. oh and i could see all the wonderful projects her and her husband have been doing as well...but nooo, she won't do a blog...for now. but she does send me funny things like this:
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it made me laugh so hard, and it made me tear up to see my GI joe husband and i re-united again...and how hot our bodies are...


Sandy said...

That video is hilarious - thanks for the giggle!

Sandy said...

That video is hilarious - thanks for the giggle!

Kim said...

I love the video! It made me smile! Thanks! Believe it or not I took 5 kids to see this flick on opening day!

The Stewart's said...

Hey Vanessa, i love the HSM3 video. well our media fast is over and I have missed your blog a ton. like i told Sally so much has gone on in 5 weeks. It's good to see you are still hanging in there. Keep up the great work Wonder Woman! some day I hope I can keep up just a bit. I was with out all media for 5 weeks no tv, no computer, not cell phone,and etc. and did not even clean out my pantry. keep inspiring.

Marci said...

Vanessa! hey hey! to tell you the truth, my mom talks about you too all the time! actually just friday she said something about you! she thinks YOUR the hoot :]
and just so you know, i wish you lived close too, cause i could use the extra money(haha) and your little boys are adorable! and your little girl is so dang cute!

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