Wednesday, November 19, 2008

inspirational tutorials

you know i'm all about tutorials and when i find them i bookmark them so that i can attempt to recreate or make something of my own using bits and pieces of are a few that i think are note worthy:

*so in love with this skirt tutorial whip up

*this adorable birthday shirt i can't wait to make for my little house on hill road (it's not a tutorial but it looks easy enough!)

*this adorable baby quilt instructions my wonderfully talented friend kelly
*this tutorial on how to make your own scrabble piece pendant (i just found some scrabble games at the second hand store for $2 can't wait to try it!) make and takes
*and i've already started making my own silhouettes of my kids using this tutorial more ways to waste your time.
go check them out. there is so much inspiration all around it's astounding...
ah yes and i got a few awards, i'm horrible about posting them! sorry!... but thank you to the ladies that have given me awards these past months i know there's a few...i just can't remember what they are but the most recent ones are from:
junk sophisticated she's got such a great eye for junk that i knew from the first time i saw her blog that we could be great buddies, well unless you put us in the same garage sale or second hand store, then we would probably harbor some ill feelings when the one of us got to the perfect find before the other one! ;) seriously this woman finds the GREATEST STUFF...she awarded me the KREATIV BLOGGER award THANK YOU!
and bonnie from one designing woman is a stager in the bay area, but she also happens to be my good friend's mom so i've been able to use her talent when ever she would visit the area. i would corner her and asked her to take a look at my decorating to give me pointers...she also has re kindled the idea that when i grow up i want to be a decorator or a stager... she awarded me the blue ribbon award THANK YOU!
even if i'm horrible at posting them and let too much time go by without mentioning them or *gasp* not mentioning them at all just know that i appreciate them!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting these tutorials....I am addicated to them, also! You are such a sweetie pye!
Congratulations many times over on the awards! Your blog is so full of creativity, senitivity, humor and wit, honesty and inspiration. You are soooo deserving!
We are having a little snowstorm in Middlebury, Vermont. Thanks, again and again for the tutorials!
Sending my warm and thankful thoughts to you and your family.

Laura said...

These are great, thanks for the links!

Unknown said...

hey, thanks for being my sub for bonko on Thursday. 7:00 @ tosconos. Have fun. Lee

Julie said...

I loved the scrabble tile one we should do that with the Young Women I think they would really like it!

Weston and Sarah said...

You're the BEST! I so love that you found all the great booty and stored in one spot so girls like me don't have to go looking all over town for great ideas.
Thanks thanks.

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