Saturday, November 22, 2008

i'm speechless and that doesn't happen often

um hmmm well...i'm going to read the books again because 1) i need to like jasper and stop laughing every time i think about him and 2) i need to remember the story and forget the whole thing ever happened on the big screen the way that it did.

seriously kind of disappointed...did anyone else feel the same way or was i the only one laughing at it through the whole thing till the end when it FINALLY got good?


rachel griffith said...


in all DID differ from the book some. i thought that the core ingredients were there though.

i laughed at jasper the whole movie too. i really think that's what they were going for...idk???

that sucks you are disappointed!!!

i thought it was AMAZING!!!
but i also need a twilight stepdown program...or twilight therapy. {i mean have you seen my blog??? twilight took over for a little bit. haha.}

i'm too addicted for my own good.

new moon was greenlighted to go into production!!!

MaryRuth said...

Hi! I thought the movie was horrible. Low budget, bad acting, horrible movie. Ugh.

melissa said...

Brooke and I were laughing through the whole thing- I kind of felt bad. Glad to hear we were not the only ones. The acting was horrible and the chemistry was just not there (the way it was in the book). And you are right- what was with Jasper looking like his eyes were bugging out of his head the whole time? I was pretty disappointed. A lot of people did like it- I was chastised by the other YW leaders this morning at an activity because I was the only one who didn't like it?! Were we watching the same movie?!

Marie said...

I loved every minute!

Sally said...

I loved it, yes, it could've been better, yes, all the vampires needed help with their hair, except Alice, but I loved Bella more than I thought I would. I am seeing it again. I was lucky to be in a theater rented by a friend with strict rules of QUIET!! That made a difference. Everyone who I saw it with loved it.

I also didn't have high expectations, I knew it couldn't be as good as the book.

cherry said...

I have not seen it and with that friend did and said it was a joke....she said it was did not follow book well enough. HOwerver she is gonna go see it again JUST to make sure rofl....I love the books so much....I think will be disappointed. Congrats on the camara...I have the Rebel XTI and love it. cherry

Mindy said...

Oh man... I didn't love the books, so I was hoping the movie would be an improvement. ;) I'll let you know what I think when all the hype dies down and I go see it.

Tracy said...

I have read Twilight 5 times.....I went to the midnight movie. I was bummed people were laughing....was it supposed to be campy? I thought Rosalie wasn't at all pretty....Jasper looked like a tweaked out freak,Jacob's wig was hideous.....the moment when Edward was in Bio trying to contain himself was hideous. BUT.....Edward had those brooding sultry looks down didn't he?! I just keep telling myself the movie is never as good as the book! :)

SLO Rober said...

I was with Melissa in the theater, as well, and felt the same way. Many of the scenes that were so great in the book didn't translate well to screen. Edward running with Bella piggyback through the woods and calling her a spider monkey was the moment it jumped the shark for me. I feel really bad for the author. She wrote some amazing books and the movies made a mockery of them.

Brooke said...

Maybe we're getting old Vanessa, but yes, it was TERRIBLE! I was embarrassed that I liked the books that this movie was based on. The acting was just awful....but I haven't had such a good laugh in a long time!

Adamson said...

I found your blog and had to leave a comment because I hated the movie. I fought hard not go, but eventually gave in. I knew I would hate. I am obsessed with the books. They didn't do a good job, and I sat in the theater embarrassed to be seeing it. Jasper did look and act horrible. Edward seemed like he was in pain the entire time as well. especially that first Biology class. I am glad I found someone who didn't like the movie. Thanks for letting me comment. Heather Adamson

Team Clark said...

Yeah, super low budget film, which was a HUGE mistake. That movie could have been amazing.
Jasper made me laugh, too. And Rosalie - what was that all about? She wasn't that pretty and sometimes she looked kind of fat. Not that fat is a bad thing, but it's just not Rosalie, you know?
I actually did enjoy the movie, though, despite the silly production of it. I just like Twilight and so I like it anyway... :)
Seriously, though - what WERE they thinking????

Julie said...

Now tell the good people what happened when you made me go again!

Amanda said...

So I know this is an old post, but I found this post while looking for the before for the dresser that was in the featured picture on the blog Just a Girl. When I saw your post on Twilight I had to comment. I felt exactly the same way the first time I saw the movie. Yes I said first time. I actually saw it 3 times. Yes before the DVD was released. Ok here's my justification. The first time I went with my husband, who said I had to because I made hime read the book. The second was with girl friends, who said I had to because I got 2 of them hooked to the series. And honestly the last time was just plain guilty pleasure. My brother took my girls for a weekend, my hubby had to work one of the nights they were gone. So what does a married girl do when she has an evening alone, well I went and saw 2 movies back to back.

My point is I felt the same way you did the first time, but then I saw it again and I liked it more than I did the first. Did I ever think it lived up to the book, No, but do movies ever? I am looking forward to the next one. I think the director will be a big one. So, yeah, I'm a dork.

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