Monday, October 13, 2008

tutorial:: how to applique

so this is the "oh crap i have company coming over tonight and i need to make something holiday-ish looking" applique tutorial. it's not my favorite looking applique technique but it gets the job done. maybe some other time i can show you "i've got time on my hands cause my husband is watching football and i can do this while i sit there with him" technique. so off to the tutorial:
go get yourself some heat and bond iron on adhesive (i like ultra heavy duty one cause that makes sure it's stuck on there for good) get some cute orange fabric and some scraps of green for the stems. oh and a background fabric, i chose tan, because i wanted a black frame, but if you make it into a pillow i would suggest black, the pumpkins "pop" with color when you have a black background.
okay first make some pumpkin and stem templates out of paper. and before you say i can't draw a pumpkin look how derange mine are and say "yes i can make ugly looking pumpkins just like v" trust me they wont look ugly when they are done. trace onto your heat and bond on the PAPER side, cut them out leaving and edge around your drawing (it makes it easier to cut with the paper instead of right up to the paper) you'll see...
iron on to the wrong side of you fabric (paper side up to your iron, cause if you do it the other way your iron will have a huge glue-y mess.)
do the same to the stems and iron on...

cut our your shape by cutting on the penciled lines, turn it around and oh look it's cute, sort of...
next peel off the paper and you have a plastic coating on the back of your pumpkins and stems.
place them on your background fabric (make sure your stems are a little behind your pumpkins) iron on top till they don't budge.

place in a frame and display! now you're all festive and can have company over! if you make one let me know and show me a pic! i would love to see your creation!
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Georgia Girl said...

Well I am going to Walmart at lunch and get me some heat bond stuff. I can't wait to try this. I will be sure to show you a pic and credit you as my teacher. This is so cute! Oh love your punkins!

rachel griffith said...

okay v...i'm on it.
seriously...gonna go make it now.

{if you read my blog recently, remember that time warner is putting a damper on my social life, and only letting me on when it's good for them...but i'll get you a pic soon!!!}

Anonymous said...

Hey V, my kids were bugging to do a craft today since they're out of school (thank you Columbus) and I think this is the ticket! Thanks for reminding me how to do this, and I might even blanket stitch the edges when they're done... I'll send you a pic.

rachel griffith said...

okay vanessa...i finished mine.
i posted about it on my blog today.

thanks for the tut.

Karen from Sew Many Ways... said...

Just found your blog from Cherry's Jubilee...and your blog is wonderful. I'm actually writing in response to your request for help with the grandmother's flower garden quilt. I have been sewing mine for years and could send along a few tips if you'd like. I'm sewing my gmfg quilt for my husband and our 50th wedding anniversary...we've been married no pressure there lol. If you are interested email me at
Have a great night,
Karen from Rhode Island

Team Clark said...

Oh my gosh - I think that quilted bear was somehow transferred to your house - how did that happen?? And how can I sign up for that?
Just kidding - I LOVE the shelf display - it looks fabulous!

Aubrey said...

Wow. So cute. I'm sending this to my mom so she know she never has to buy a pattern again!

Melanie said...

This project was just too cute! I made your pumpkins and I love how they turned out. I posted pictures on my blog if you want to check them out! Thanks for sharing your creative talent with all of us!

momof3girls said...

Thanks for showing this. It looks so easy. I saw an appliqued pumpkin on a little girls dress the other day. The only thing different from your was zigzag stitching around the egde and some wavy ribbon dangling from the top. I think I can tackle this project now!

edeenut said...

I hope you don't mind I linked to your applique iron on instructions on my blog. You described it so perfectly and I wanted to share it with my other tutorial.

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