Wednesday, October 8, 2008

fall has arrived and thrown up in my house

i'm not a big time decorator of the holidays, for some reason the changing of things every few months bugs me. (it's a personal thing) but i have to admit, fall and christmas are the ones i do decorate for. other than that it's pretty much same ol' same ol' at my house. here are a few of my favorite fall decorations
some day i would love to pile in gourds as my center piece, but the fake ones are always gone by the time sales come around...some year it'll happen but for now pine cones were added to add the fall-y feel.
this angel gets switched every holiday except for thanksgiving (i don't like the turkey that came with it) or winter ( i don't like the snowman) or what's the other one left? hmmm oh valentines day (the heart is ugly) so i guess the only holidays it ever has on it is pumpkin for fall, a christmas tree, and a flag the rest of the year. i'm particular what can i say.
in the days to come i'll be showing you a tutorial on how to do an applique pumpkin... it's just a matter of when i get to making it to show you!


Rachel Berry said...

C.U.T.E.! Love that witch so much! Can't she come visit my house?! :)Looking forward to the new tutorial.

Mindy said...

V, I'm the same as you! My house actually shows off my favorite decorations all the time... I have a few "fall" and "christmas" decorations that never leave. (Like some wreaths..) It is probably boring to people, but I like it how it is.

Carry Grace said...

Cute! Your title made me laugh.

Stacy said...

Ok, you SERIOUSLY crack me up. We have the EXACT same sense of humor and, judging by your post, the exact same OCD issues too. I cannot stand having to change and move things in my house for holiday decorating. I need therapy to get through Christmas and have a tree replace a loveseat. Argh. Getting ill just thinking of it. LOL.

Great blog!


Letti said...

I love the centerpiece with the apples and pinecones. Very simple.

Marie said...


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