Saturday, September 13, 2008

harvesting and interviews...

today we are picking apples from our apple trees and we've already gone to home depot for my NEW COUNTER TOPS which GI Joe is currently working on... gosh i miss him...and i love having him around...the kids love it too...well katie's verdict is still out but she's slowly warming up to the man she only sees in pictures and who's voice she only hears on the phone...she's only had him around for a total of 8 months out the 24 months she's been with us...sigh...

so while in the car on our trip out to home depot i asked the boys minus katie who just gibber jabbered "dada daaadaaa dada daaadaa" the whole entire time to the store (45 minutes away) i interviewed the boys while in close quarters and with no way of escaping...and here are thier answers:

1.what does mom always say to you?

nate: "where did all your socks go?" it's true he's down to two pairs...its a mystery although i have a good idea...
ryan:"get your socks and shoes on."
kyle: clean my room?
GI joe husband: what are you doing? i mean what is this all about? i need to know exactly what i'm answering this for. wait, is this going on the blog? ugh...of course it is, okay fine... you always say to me "jake, when are you going to get (fill in the blank) done?" nice...

2. what makes mom happy?

nate: i help you?
ryan: when i clean my room.
kyle: i love you I LOVE YOU! yes that makes me very happy
GI joe husband: shopping seriously? that's what you think? i guess that's kind of true

3.what makes mom sad?

nate: when i don't repent some things that nate's not "repented" of recently 1. flooding my garage with a hose and a sprinkler head just to see what would went for 3 hours before i caught on. 2. breaking numerous things all around the back yard, and in the house and when asked "why?" his answer usually went a little something like " i had no idea that would happen." 3. breaking my windshield wipers by sliding down my windshield because it "looks like a slide" 4. smearing soap all over the boy's bathroom mirrors at school because he wanted to see his hand prints 5. returning to class with his shirt completely stuffed with paper towels (i have not idea why i don't think he knows why either...these are just to name a few in the past few weeks.
ryan: um...when i don't clean my room?
kyle: i don't know
GI joe husband: our kids please take note of the above answer on most recently not "repented" incidents that's probably why he said that.

4. what does mom do to make you laugh?
GI joe husband in the back ground "oh boy"
nate: when you say "what's up" surfer style
ryan: you running after nate and nate running away from you! oh my gosh, i most definitely do NOT find that funny.
kyle: I DON'T KNOW i think he's done playing
GI joe husband: there's a lot that you do that is funny, it's hard to pick just one... i think this is silly and dumb. hold on still got 5 more questions

5. how old is mommy?

ryan: 16 no 20 i love you
kyle: 20-60-1 what in the world?
GI joe husband: 32 right on the money

6. how tall is mom?

nate: 6 feet
ryan:8 inches
kyle: crickets chirping definitely not playing anymore
GI joe husband: 5 ft 1inches right on the money

7.what does mom like to do?

nate: shop
ryan: play around
kyle: not talking to me anymore
GI joe husband: talk about crafts and think up of projects for me to do. hahaha nice.

8.what's mom's job?

nate: help us to obey and help us get better at repenting he makes me really tired have i mentioned that before? someday i'm going to laugh at all his antics i'm sure of it.
ryan:help us get money...i'm hungry.
kyle: ignoring me completely
GI joe husband: single mom of the year

9. what's mom's favorite food?

nate: spaghetti
kyle: didn't even ask him
GI joe husband: anything i don't like (case and point what i did for his birthday)

10. how do you know mom loves you?

nate:you ALWAYS hug us
ryan: you help me clean my room
kyle: crickets still chirping
GI joe husband: your still here aren't you smart a**


Rachel Berry said...

Cute Q&A! Love the answers you got in return. Kids are the best. And yeah for apple season. I'm still waiting. Not much longer now!

Katie said...

Haha...that last answer is HILARIOUS! Husbands can be sooooo funny {sarcasm}!

Fleming Family said...

That is hilarious! I like Kyle's answers! I'm sure that's how all my boys would have responded. Tell Jake hi for me and enjoy having him home!!!!

rachel griffith said...

awww how cute.

Brandy said...

How funny.. your Nate sounds a lot like my middle child! Very curious!

Amanda said...

OH man Vanessa. That was funny!

girlsmama said...

This made me laugh. A lot. I'm so glad you're enjoying your family time and getting new counter tops! Loves!

Nash said...

That was really cute.
I just smile thinking of you with your husband again.
Putting him to work already was a brilliant idea.

Mindy said...

I love how you and Felicia did this... making your husbands answer too! Fun post!

Cannon Clan said...

you are laugh out loud funny, my husband thinks your pictures look fake, he keeps asking how you do that :)

SLO Rober said...

I love the memories! What kind of countertops are you getting?

Trixi said...

Thank you for sharing. Your Q&A was a great laugh. I would not have even tried it.

Kara said...

You are so damn funny! Ok so I gotta tell you, when you guys left my house, Ethan asked who you were and I said "My friend". Then to put it on his level I said "She has the boy that gets into all the trouble." He then shot his arms up in the air shouting "YAAAAHHH, WOOOHOOO!" Kids....

The Stewart's said...

Good memories. what a good idea I love the Q&A'S priceless

Linda said...

That was absolutely wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing!!
*still laughing!!

Marie said...

That was way to funny! How are you guys? Jon leaves tomorrow. SAD:(

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