Friday, August 8, 2008

tutorial:: binding your quilt

i don't know about you but i can not follow directions without someone "showing" me. either in person or in i hope this helps if you need it! (and yes that's my katie quilt.)
measure your quilt and determine how many strips you'll need to cut for the whole quilt (i usually hate to measure and most of my quilts are throw size so i just figure 2 strips per side and always end up with about the right amount if not extra, but if you're anal go ahead and measure!)
cut your binding fabric to 2 1/2 inches (you could do it on the bias but i hate cuting on the bias, so i don't do it unless it's gigham or stripes)
using a 1/4 inch seam allowance, sew all your strips together end to end.
then you'll press with an iron down the middle of your looooong strip of binding.
now lets get it on the quilt (i'm lazy so i don't pin, if you want go ahead and pin!) make sure your raw edges are faceing the same direction as your quilt's edge (out). start in the middle of your quilt's edge and make sure you have a tail that's about 3 inches long. (this will be your connector in the end)
sew all the way down your quilt till you get around a 1/4 inch from the corner of your quilt and backstitch. take if off the sewing machine...
next pull your strip up to a 45 degree angle (this is your corner, so you want to make sure it's 90 degrees) see how my binding looks like it just continues into a straight line from the quilt? that's super important!

now holding tightly to that 45 degree angle, pull down the binding strip and line it up to your quilt's edge so you will be able to continue sewing down the next side. (make sure you don't loose your 90 degree angle under there!)
go and sew down the next length of your quilt and repeat for each corner the 45 degree angle, the continuous line of the quilt and the binding and then the fold over.
now here's the hardest part in my opinion...closing your binding. make sure you leave around 3 inches of work space in between the beginning and the end tails.
pin together ends to equal the length of remaining quilt. and sew together the two tails.

now before you cut it down make sure it lies flat on your quilt, if it does then cut and proceed to finish sewing onto your quilt.

next we're going to use a blind stitch link here for a visual when blind stitching make sure you go as close to your edge of your binding as posible, this way the thread will be "invisible" and make sure you go directly beneath your stitch on your quilt so that the stitch stays "invisible"... oh go look at the you tube video i linked it's easier to actually "see" it
when you get to your corner you will fold over (hopefully very easily because you were so careful with your 45 degree angles!)this will make a nice corner on your back.
and i like to make sure i do one stitch right at the edge of my corner so it gives you a clean corner look. oh yeah and make sure your cat enjoys sitting on your quilt as you are hand binding the thing, it makes it super easy to move your quilt around...hardy har har. voila! you have your quilt all done!
ps i'm not sure why my spell check isn't working so i'm sorry for the horrible spelling if there are any that i missed!
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Empty Nest Full Life said...

I am still amazed at the beautiful quilts that you create. I read your wal-mart story and can surely feel for you. I don't have young children anymore, and I still try to avoid it. I have noticed I am getting better too. I just do not enjoy that shopping experience. You are one amazing woman! Have a great weekend! Jackie

Melanie said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I can't wait to try this! Your quilt is beautiful!

Bonnie said...

You are amazing, Vanessa!

Bonnie said...

I have been meaning to ask you if you can tutor us on making a label cloud sometime?? Mine is too long and out of hand.

Aubrey said...

That quilt is so darling--I love the binding on it.

So, "the book" I thought was good but I was about as disapointed as the Romanians when the Volturi weren't wiped out and I thought it got kind of slow in the middle with all the moralizing and slow-moving dialogue, (yes, Bella, we're ALL jealous that you got Edward and our husbands don't look like supermodels), but I liked it and was happy with the ending. More than you wanted to know, and I hope no one reading this hasn't finished the book yet--I don't want to be a spoiler.

I'll have to investigate at Pine Needles when my mom goes up for her stitchery class. I like the quilts at that quilt store, too, but yours are SO much cuter. I don't know if I like the quilts better, or the pictures you take of them--they look professional.

SLO Rober said...

I just want to wrap up in that quilt. or just lay it out nice and neat on the clean floor and stare at it. Or run my hands over it. Or hang it on my wall. Or make 10 and hang them in every room in my house. Or make 11 and hang one in every room in my house and use the other one to make a dress/purse/car seat cover so that I can always look at it.
Can you tell I like the quilt.
By the way. Love the Walmart story. Had a similar experience in the doctors office when my 2 year old wouldn't take no for and answer and the doctor suggested I give him two choices so that he can decide for himself. Oh. Gee. Thanks, GENIUS! you obviously don't know my 2 year old - OR MANY OTHER 2 YEAR OLDS!

Nicole said...

Thank you so much. My SIL showed me how to do this last summer, but I should have taken pictures because I cannot remember for the life of me. Now when I need to bind a quilt I can just come here.

raising4boys said...

That's exactly the way my MIL taught me. Great tutorial!!

P.S. Deeanna P. gave me your blog link ;) You're site is awesome.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

For as many quilts as I have made, I never have bound(bind?) my quilts, I always have done what my mom and grandma have done, which is to us your backing as a rolled over bind. Ow that I've seen your guide, I may have to try this! It looks so nice! And like you, I need someone to really show me how to do it. so thanks!

momof3girls said...

This tutorial changed my life! I've never understood how to do a binding, now thanks to you I do. I'm so excited b/c I have at least 2 quilts that just needed a binding and I didn't know how to do it. Now I do! Your blog is awesome!

Hill upon Hill said...

Thankyou. Yes I needed to be shown. I am progressing very slowly!! Need to get it done before my third daughter gets a bed.

stewbert said...

The last two bindings I did on the bias came out really wonky. I was SO annoyed. I'll be trying it this way next time.

Ludmila said...

Yes! Just yesterday as I was making a Valentine pressie for my BF I found myself stuck with binding and was thinking that there MUST be some easier way to do it... Ha, there surely IS and I thank you so much for sharing it with us :o))) Gosh, I feel like leaving my work straight away and heading to my studio to make some new quilt :o))

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ok i really really appreciate your tutorial and I know how hard it is to write one, but I still dont understand the How to join the two tails together. I dont understand the picture you make. Can you try that one again? please please please?

I thought you had to cut it on an angel?

The Cowgill's said...

Good tutorial- but I have a question. So when you do this the back side you do all by hand stitching? I have tried many times to do this by machine and it always turns out awful- and maybe thats because all along I didnt know you are supposed to do it by hand. Please let me know- I want to start a quilt for my daughter now after seeing your beautiful ones!!!

Sildenafil said...

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