Thursday, August 7, 2008

awesome august weather

every morning the skys are clear and sunny. but it's august so that means thunder storms, and when being out in the middle of nowhere that means the thunderstorms are right there... you can see the lightning touch down and there is no 1 one thousands to count cause the thunder is immediate sometimes...makes for a really awesome sight (from indoors)


Nash said...

I am jealous.
do you ever get nervous being alone with the storms?

Mindy said...

I love thunderstorms! Love love love them!

V and Co. said...

there's only been a few times where the lightning gets pretty close and super loud, i think it scares the kids a bit, and it really scares katie a LOT. she doesn't like it, as for me being from california its the earthquakes that scare the pants off of me!

Deeanna said...

Yep! I've always loved thunderstorms down there! Cool photo of the clouds.

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