Tuesday, July 1, 2008

summer quilt...

um this thing is going to be gi-normous! i wanted all of us to be able to fit...pretty sure we're not going to have a problem.

on the agenda today:

1. finish quilt top and get it to fabulous friend that just happens to be a professional quilter
2. clean house and start packing for the upcoming excursion to stadium of the fire
3. start to sew the "barcelona" skirt
4. NOT drink diet dr pepper
5. spend time outside with the kids.
hopefully i will be able to show you an update of the quilt tomorrow!


Laura said...

LOVE the quilt!!!

girlsmama said...

The quilt will be great!! Did you actually get tickets for stadium of fire??

V and Co. said...

yes they were free because of jake being deployed...we get to be on the field during the whole thing and that's why i HAD to make a picnic quilt because i didn't have one!

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