Friday, June 27, 2008

summer inspired quilt

so summer's in full swing here. how can i tell? soccer soccer soccer! here's the 8 year old manning the goal. and the 8 year old telling the 6 year old all his advise...oh dear heavens.
that's funny huh dude? the 8 year old thinking he's all pro and stuff...oh whatever.
the little one was loooooooving soccer too. and with all this summer going on, like soccer, summer reading programs, going to sleep late, waking up late, running in the sprinklers, spending who knows how many hours outside...i got inspired to make a quilt with fun colors so that i can have a picnic quilt too.

remember those vintage sheets i got at the second hand stores? the stripy one is the left over pillow case from my pillow case skirt, and i made a skirt for the little missy with the green sheet , i've cut out my amy butler "barcelona" skirt out of the blue one (oh and i didn't hurl while doing it so i think i'm good to go with the zipper) . but i had some left over and i thought..."that would be sweet in a quilt" so there you go. my quilt inspired by summer and made out of my vintage sheets i can't wait to finish it so that i can take it to the 4th of july "stadium of fire" celebration. yeah that's right, i got free tickets and i'm sitting on the field...cause i'm just that cool...actually we're part of the shin-dig...i'm not quite sure what we will be doing something to do with honoring the soldiers overseas and stuff, but whatever we're on the field and it was free and oh yeah, hanna montana going to sing...i totally wish i had a tween girl that would appreciate this...maybe i'll get online and download some of her stuff and force feed it to the you think they would appreciate that?


Susie from Bienvenue said...

I just saw your quilt so I thought I would pop on over. You do such nice work.. I cant wait to tell my sister about your blog. She's a even bigger quilt lover than me, smile.....Susie H~

SLO Rober said...

Ashlynn just screamed when she found out you get to see Hannah Montana. Love the quilt.

The Willeyes said...

Your quilt is going to be darling, and I love your new blog background. Mel:)

Jennifer Never said...

Glenn Beck will be there too on the 4th!!! All your projects are all turning out so great! I love your craft area makeover. Your kids are looking sooooo big...especially Nate! He looks like he grew up overnight!

haley said...

my kamryn will be so excited. if you want to adopt her for that night i'm sure she would love it!!!! have fun!

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