Thursday, May 15, 2008

what i did and didn't do

*i DID make and finish AND package my felt sugar cookies.

*i DID simplify kate's room to some basic colors that i will build on.

*i DID work on my quilt gosh i mean kate's quilt, and i am in love with it (and almost done with it)

*i DID start eating my weight in ice cream last night (again)

*i DID get to spend some time with friends last night while we sewed.

*i DID finish more table runners to put in my etsy shop

things i didn't do:

* i DIDN'T talk to jake (but i got to this morning WOOHOO!)

*i DIDN'T go to bed early (well it was early, in the morning...why can't i put it in my head that i'm not 19 anymore and i can't pull all nighters)

*i DIDN'T finish the rag rug, but as you can tell it's pretty darn close

*i DIDN'T find handles for kate's dresser (it's hard to find matching ones in different sizes that vary only by 1/2 an inch)

*i DIDN'T fold all my laundry (*sigh*)

what i'm going to do today: 5:45 pm i find myself changing my to do list:

*finish my quilt (i mean kaite's quilt) i'm going to try if i'm not too tired

*mow the lawn not going to happen it's too windy and cold

*finish my rag rug worked on it but ran out of sheets and i have to wait till i can get some more

*tidy up and fold my laundry did i mention i'm tired, so no i don't think i will...

*throw away (or eat) the ice cream most defitnitly going to EAT the ice cream, we have a date for tonight while i watch the office and grey's

*go to bed early

*not start any new projects or finish any projects

*be depressed because i don't know if i'll talk to jake for a while...

*vow off ice cream after this gallon is gone


Bonnie said...

wow! all of your suff looks great.

Jake is fab with his 'stache!

Hope all is well

Jen Stewart said...

Hi! I just commented as my mom accidentally. She's up here helping me and it's been fun hanging out but there have been several blog mix ups. I think I posted on her blog as her one day! Love it!

girlsmama said...

The quilt is amazing V! And you sure got a lot more done in your day than I did. Although I did mow my lawn yesterday (much smaller than yours I'm sure). After I had the 10 year old next door show me how to start the dang mower. Nothing like having a 10-year-old humble you. And your list today looks like a lot! Good luck. I should try and get one thing done...

haley said...

i love, love, love your- i mean katie's quilt!!!! and the cookies look good enough to eat and i think i'd like to still your rug when you are done. i'm off to mow my lawn!

melissa said...

I LOVE the quilt and the rug too! Katie's room will be adorable! I thought it looked cute before, but this new color palette will grow with her. Too cute- all of it! You never cease to amaze me!

Mindy said...

I love your quilt too! I have a weakness for pinwheels. SO cute!!!

SLO Rober said...

I love that quilt! (Have I said this already?) the colors are just great!

Marci said...

this is the dumbest question but i'm going to ask it anyways...are the sugar cookies play food for kids? i think that haley told me that is what they are for but i can't remember.
LOVE the quilt and have such lovely taste.

Charlotte said...

I should have more dates with ice cream... Katie's quilt is adorable.

This is Felicia's sister, by the way :0)

V and Co. said...

yes it's play food for kids. there's a whole world out there of these things, everything from sugar cookies to mc'd's value menus, to tea name it people have made em...i'm stopping at the cookies and a cake for katie, and my little niece faith!

Rachel Holloway said...

It all looks amazing!! And just between you and me, I polished off an entire thing of ice cream this week...alone....every night that Brandon was gone.


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