Thursday, May 1, 2008

i want to be her

i'm not to be jealous of many people, i love to meet women with a ton of talent or prettiness or confidence and LEARN. but this woman is the shiz, i can honestly have the crappiest day and i'll drop everything (after the kids are asleep) and go to her blog and i will seriously be in tears from laughter. she's amaaaaaazing, she's hysterical, and darn it i really want to be her sometimes. she's so freakin' cool.

and i have to do my disclaimer: i still think the sun and the moon rise and set on martha stewart for creativity, but i've never wanted to be her, just want to learn from her.


girlsmama said...

I love the Pioneer Woman!!! I check her blog all the time and am constantly trying to convince Jarrod we should move to the ranch in Nebraska and raise cattle. :) Her recipes are pretty tasty too!

Rachel Holloway said...

I like her too--have read her for a while. She has great photography tutorials! :)

Hope you got my message today--let me know when you're ready to chat. Am happy to help you out!

Nash said...

She is great. I first found her cooking site. I need to check out her others. She is funny and does everything. I didn't know she home schools her kids.
She has tons of readers, and she just gave away a kitchen aid.

Lori said...

I feel that way about your blog. I discovered a link to you from my friend Jen (with an attitude.) I love checking your blog and getting ideas and a smile. My blogging friends teach me for "stalking you." Thanks for your tutorial on changing a blog background too. Now I can enjoy your blog and Pioneer Woman. Thanks.

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