Wednesday, April 16, 2008

my 100th post and nothing to say...I KNOW SHOCKER!!

well it's not that i was trying to build suspense or anything really i wasn't. but i kept trying to think of something witty or funny or BIG and...nothing. so yeah the winners are draperm you lucky girl got my runner, felicia won a charm pack of prarie paisley by moda fabrics (my favorite!!!) and girlsmama got a felt pin and needle case. (i'll make the cover with your chosen letter on it!) i really wanted to give EVERYONE something to walk away with, but seeing that i'm not made of money, i can't sorry! okay so if you guys would just email me your address i will mail out your prizes asap! and really thanks for checking out my blog, liking my creations, and listening to my craziness...this was fun and i want to do it again...i'll have to think of something fun!
oh i just thought of a funny thing that happened the other day: the oldest one (the one that is giving me grey hairs) was doing his regular "you can't tell me do my homework" bit, and he had been kind of a pill all day (bad day with the bullies, whole other story) so i was doing my breathing exercises, and had my eyes closed, and as i'm messaging my temples i hear him say "hey mom. did you know you have little lines on your eyelids that look lightning bolts?" huh? "yeah they get darker and bigger when you are mad at me!" oh help me...had to laugh at that one. well at least i can laugh at it now. well happy hundredth post to me with not anything important to say, but thanks for listening anyways! loves, V
oh yeah and my email address is
oh yeah and another thing: secret checkers, lurkers, or comming out of the woodworkers, whatever you want to call it, thanks for comming out and commenting, comments are good i like comments so if you ever feel inclined to "come out" again welcome! and please leave a comment!
um i guess i did have something to say...I KNOW SHOCKER!!


girlsmama said...

Woo hoo! I love to win. It doesn't happen much. Thanks V! Love you!

haley said...

aw... dang! maybe next time... happy 100th! ya gotta love the things kids come up with... lightning bolts, eh? that's a good one!

Bonnie said...

Congrats on #100. That is a lot of work and a lot of great things preserved. Good Job!

It is funny how your contest got so many comments...I will have to try that sometimes. I love to get comments too but people are funny about it, aren't they? I will have to have a give away or something to see who the over 3,000 hits in 3 months are coming from??

Sally said...

Darn! Now I have to pay you for stuff...JK

I will miss you this week but I hope this summer we can hang, I'll even come to you!!! :) I want to meet these goats!

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