Friday, March 28, 2008

quotable quotes

been saving some of these to just put them together:

**"mom! katie looks like a flower!"-kyle (i made her a new bow, i think it's his way of saying it might be a little too big)

**"logan broke up with me."-ryan (he and his best little bud i guess had a little scuffle, nate and i had to explain to ryan you usually don't break up with someone unless they are a girl if you are boy, and then i quickly added that he was not to have any girlfriends for a loooooong time)

**"don't worry, i saw this on america's funniest home videos and it worked!"-nate (yeah i stopped that one real quick)

1 comment:

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

"Don't worry, I saw this on AFHV and it worked!"-- Love that!

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