Tuesday, March 18, 2008

playdates and rugs

this i violet, isnt she cute? anyways apparently my daughter trying to beat up her daughter isnt enough to make her not want us around, so we had another play date for the girls. and they seem to get closer and closer to actually maybe liking each other
this is the rug in violet's room, which sara (her mom) is going to TRY to teach me how to do. hey felicia you want to come and learn too?
and i couldn't resist taking a picture of her ever so cute antique stove. actually the whole house has the old doors and the old windows on it and it's soooo cute! it used to be her husband's grandfather's house

so off to the ear specialist i go. katie has so many ear infections that they think the tubes will help. lets hope so, because the only time she doesn't have an ear infection is when she's on antibiotics, and that makes for a very cranky katie and a very tired mommy. wish us luck! oh and felicia thank you soo much for taking on my boys for the afternoon, 6 boys under the same roof, not too many people would volunteer for that, you are my hero!


melissa said...

Poor Katie- ear infections are NO fun (I STILL get them, so I know they HURT)! Hope the doctor can fix her up! Good luck!

That rug is adorable and will look so perfect under Katie's little table and chairs (that is where you mentioned making it for, right?). Cute!

Amanda said...

I love that rug! Is there some sort of tutorial online for something like that? I refuse to buy a Pottery Barn one that will put us into the poor house for a month.

V and Co. said...

yes to under the table! wouldnt it just look so adorable there? and i dont know about a tutorial, other than if you know how to crochet, then all you need is a really big needle (you can find one at walmart, surprise surprise that i mention walmart!) and i think the fabric strips are 2 1/2 or 3 1/2 inches in width, still learning and i KNOW mine wont even look remotely as cute as that one, i think her grandmother's sister made that one!
i will post my progess as time goes on~ wish me luck!

Jenny said...

Cute little girlies! I hope you get Katie's ears all figured out. I love your friend's cute stove, it totally reminds me of Rachael Ray's, which I drool over whenever I watch 30 Minute Meals.

girlsmama said...

We love tubes! They make life so much more bearable! Maggie and Mary have both had them and Sarah has an appointment! Good luck!

Oh and after you learn how to make the rug, you need to teach me! I know how to crochet so maybe it won't be to hard.

Jennifer Never said...

Learn how to do that rug so you can teach me when we invade your home.

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