Tuesday, March 11, 2008

happy makers

.....so as i was walking back from the store, i noticed GREEN stuff in my front garden and went to look closer and this is what i saw! SPRING was growing in my front garden! so of course i HAD to take a picture and then i thought i have to make another "happy maker" list! so here we go:
1. katie is on her second day of antibiotics and that means a happier baby at night
2. i finished doing jake's copies of his dissertation (with his VERY specific detailed instructions, stressful to do anything for that man because he's one of the most dot your i's and cross your t's guy i know! but it's done!)
3. went walking this morning
4.today is my deep cleaning day so that means my house is the cleanest on Tuesdays (i love the smell of pine sol!)
5. had an awesome talk with jake last night! love you!!
6.another week is behind us (only 50 more to go)
7.my kids like me (and i like them back) :)
8.spring seems to be peeking around the corner (we are always about a month behind though because of the altitude)
9. it seems like a while since we've had any snow cover the ground
10. made my plans to visit california (beach and pool here we come!)
11. still wearing my flip flops!
12. no major bumps or scrapes, all in all we are doing just fine, missing jake but doing just fine.


Nate and Marcie said...

Oh, I am sooo excited for spring! Just seeing those pictures brings a smile to my face, thanks!

Jennifer Never said...

When is your spring break?? I'm trying to come see you. I want to visit. I've been reading your blog and now I want to cry and get on my knees and pray for that little girl and her family and humbly thank God I haven't had to experience anything like that. My soul cries at the thought. What a cute quilt you guys made for her. Good idea. Hope you guys are well.-Jen with Cora's name.

Marie said...

I am so excited for spring. I cant wait for warmer weather.

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