Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well Katie did it! SHE WALKED! No pictures yet because every time she started to do it we all yelled excitedly and it freaked her out so she would sit down and cry. It's just like my kids to wait till the last day before you have to call the doctor to see if they have special needs!


Jen Stewart said...

Yay!!!! So glad to hear it! now you have 4 mobile children! yikes! just in time for jake to leave right?? Sheeesh! let us know about the baptism too, we'll be there.

Laura said...

That is SOOOOO awesome. Luckily girls seem to stay closer than boys and don't run all over the place like animals! Not that I am raising animals, well maybe!

the Token Asian said...

Such a big milestone. COngrats. I think.

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