Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Grosser than Gross

What's gross?: Splash, Splash...Katie playing in the toilet

What's grosser than that?: Speee, Splash Splash, Kyle yelling "NOOO KATIE!!"...Katie playing in the toilet, while Kyle pee's and then trying to grab the stream of pee! GROSS!!!!
For some reason the girl can't get her mind off the toilet! She loves it...whenever she's missing in action we know to look in the bathrooms first. Let me tell you it's inspired me to keep my bathroom super clean! GROSS!


Jenny said...

Eww! My kids have both done the toilet obsession thing, but I haven't caught anyone playing in a stream of pee yet. Good luck keeping the germs at bay (of course, Jared would just remind you that it's no big deal, because urine is sterile)!

Laura said...

That was Maddie a couple months ago. No fun!!!!

SLO Rober said...

Your quotable quotes just made my day. I'm starting to see that my kids and your kids could have a lot of fun and cause a lot of problems at the same time together. Ty has a toilet obsession just like Katie. Although his has progressed. He now thinks he is pee-ing like his brother if he just stands in front of the toilet, hold up his shirt for a few seconds with his belly button pointed in the right direction, then gives it a good flush. Never thought I'd say this, but I am not ready for that kids to be potty trained. Diapers are so much easier.

girlsmama said...

One of my favorite pictures of Maggie is her in the toilet having a grand time...It's on my blog under her birthday post in November. I keep it on my fridge too. There wasn't any pee though...

Team Clark said...

Yikes, Vaness - that is pretty gross.
Although I have to say that Katie is a cutie!
By the way I miss you!

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