Thursday, January 31, 2008

Up to my eyeballs in MODA!

Okay so I wasn't joking when I said I was getting more of the Charm Packs in. Two shipments came today!!! Got rid of most of the girly one "Allspice" and I have a few left of the "Roman Holiday". Still swimming in the "Prairie Paisley" one and I got the "wovens" for it today too (gighams, stripes, and checks) so it's actually a lot cuter now, didn't get to making one of those today, ran out of time before I had to pick up the kids. (Katie napped awsome today!) So here are the new ones:

This one was sent to me by mistake, but I thought I would give it a try, it's a little more different than what I pick out, but it looks kind of fun for spring, I'm going to make pillows and runners for the store here in town, but trust me I'll have extra, they come in bundles of 25 packets! It has 37 sqares and actually I like all but one kind of fabric, all in all funky but fun.($6.50)

I've actually had this one and the next one for a little while, but they were at the store. I absolutely love all the squares in this one, it's kind of fally, but can be all year round too, I have a square runner in my living room of this one. ($8.50) has 46 squares

Okay this one is from 3 Sisters (Shangri-La), and for some reason if it's 3 Sisters its usually my favorite. So ofcourse this is one of my favorite "Charm Packs" so far. There are two of them the flowery one is the main one (has 48 squares) and retails at $10 I'll sell them $8.50 each and the second one is the "wovens" and has all gighams and stripes and checks I'll sell that for $4 each.

I promise I'm not going to keep trying to sell things to you guys, just thought that maybe if you were interested you might want to buy some at a cheaper price since I can't keep up with all that keeps comming my way. I don't think that I'm going to buy any more after this, but I have a few more still being sent to me that I ordered a while ago. I told you I got in over my head! So might as well see if anyone out there wants to buy these! Let me know, and once again if you are interested in me making a runner (long one for your table, sqare one for a round table) let me know. Okay thanks!

This one is actually on my table, (can you see the chocolate milk stain?) still havnt quilted it, but its on my table. I think I'm quoting Larua when I say "I'm a 85% finisher on most things" so yeah this runner although not done has seen better days but I think you can see the fabrics past the chocolate milk stains. This one has 40 squares so it'll be $7

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Meet our goat Daisy

So I know most of you know that I own a couple of goats, well meet Daisy. In the summer time she enjoys eating my roses and getting out of where she is suppose to be. She likes long periods of time tied up to the chain (must be the only reason why she gets out so much) and being swore at (once again must be why she gets out so much). During the winter time she's a little more mellow, due to the extra poundage she has put on. But please don't call her fat, she just has "fluffy hair" for the winter.
Some things that make her unique from other goats are: Likes to jump on trampolines, can clear a 4 1/2 foot fence by running at full speed, jumping, and while in mid air change her direction to hit the tree trunk just right and gain momentum to land on the other side. She's also pretty sure she's a dog, and likes to hang out with her family, and likes to be pet. A unique quote about her: "I just don't believe that she can get out like tha....OH MY GOSH! DID YOU SEE THAT?!" Jake upon not believing me about her ability to do Jackie Chan moves.
Up Next....Billy, our ....lovely boy goat.

Monday, January 28, 2008

I looked out the window and what did I see...?

POPCORN flying sideways down my street! This was around 2pm today! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? It was blowing so hard that we didn't know which way it was comming from! When I went to pick up the boys from school I couldnt even see the kids come out of their classrooms! Thank goodness there's nowhere to go here, we just drove into our garage, and walked into our house untouched by the snow and wind, and bunkered down for the hour it blew like that.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Nate turns 8

We got to spend the weekend with Jake (after 5pm on Friday and Saturday) at his parents house and got to spend Nate's Birthday with Jake's family. It was wonderful to see Jake the kids need that, I NEED that! We're really excited that Jake gets to baptize Nate next weekend up in Salt Lake.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Moda Anyone?

Okay so this last year I got a little in over my head and ordered wholesale through Moda fabric these adorable 5X5 squares to make table runners and sell them, and yes I sold quite a few of them at the craft show that I did a while back, but I am still swimming in these things! (I had to make a minimum order, you know how it goes) and so I'm wondering if anyone would like to buy some from me, I would sell them for lower than what you would buy them at the stores (retail $9) so if anyone wants any of them I'll sell them for $7 (sorry have to make a little on them) so let me know if anyone wants to buy 'em and if so how many (no minimum order from me necessary! But the more you buy the better it is cause there's more on the way! YIKES!) also if anyone is interested in me making them the table runner I make em and sell em for $25...just throwing it out there, there will be some more fabrics comming too, so I'll post the pics when they come! They are cute but I've defitnitly learned a lesson!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A few things I've learned about Cows

So yes, since moving to Loa, I've come to learn a few new things. Some of which are: the sounds of cows doing the nasty in our backyard is loud enough to wake you up in the middle of the night. Your kids will be curious as to why one cow is trying to play leap frog with another cow, which then will cause you to have to have "The Talk" about the birds and the bees. When working in your backyard, cows become curious and gather by the fence and STARE (kind of creepy). When cows get out they can be seen RUNNING ACROSS YOUR FRONT YARD! This little betty kept getting out this last summer, she was known as #642, but to me she was known as the cow who left a few cow patties in my front yard! And being inexperienced with cows running in my front yard and cow patties they leave behind, I thought that I could mow over the cow patty a few days later thinking it would of been dried out by then. OH NO IT WASN'T! And my advise to you is this, if you see a cow in your front yard (or back yard for that matter) and lets just say this cow happens to leave a cow patty behind (or two or three) DON'T MOW OVER IT! TRUST ME IT AIN'T PRETTY! So when asked how I know that cow's poo a lot, here's your picture to testify, I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, and there's no way I'm going to be getting me a COW, could you imagine me trying to get that big of a thing back into my pasture if it got out?!

Friday, January 18, 2008

You decide 2008

Okay so I know you are asking "WHY would you cover up that lovely '70's lacquered, dark wood cabinet?" I know you're jealous it's not in your home, but I'm a little tired of looking at it. So I'm going to paint it. This is the color that is in question. Ralph Lauren calls it "KHAKI" I call it the new color of my cabinets and Jake calls it "Nasty Green" well maybe not "nasty" but we will not call it what he really calls it. Now I'm asking all you out there should I do it? Or should i go with distressed Beige? I'm planning on getting new counters (because they are also oh so lovely) and the plan is to get pewter drawer handles. So anyways thought I would throw it out there.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well Katie did it! SHE WALKED! No pictures yet because every time she started to do it we all yelled excitedly and it freaked her out so she would sit down and cry. It's just like my kids to wait till the last day before you have to call the doctor to see if they have special needs!

Monday, January 14, 2008

And we can all sigh in relief

Well Jake did it, he defended his dissertation last week and it went smoothly, They congratulated him and told him he could call himself a "Doctor". Now all I have to do while he's deployed is doing the wrap ups (signatures here, bounding a book there...) and my man will be graduating with his PhD.! While in Afghanistan no less! But HE WILL BE DONE WITH SCHOOL! I dont know how to handle that, 10 years of marraige and 10 years of school. That's all we know!

I made that!

Okay with a lot of help of my wonderful friend Monica who guided my hand the whole time in making Katie's kitchen. I finally finished it today (it just needs a few touch ups of paint) but oooh yeah I did my first woodworking job! By the way the little oven part does open up and under the skirt is a shelf where Katie can store all her cute little plates and mixing bowls! I'm having waaay too much fun with having a girl, next thing to make is a refrigerator that matches the oven and sink! SOOO CUTE!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Grosser than Gross

What's gross?: Splash, Splash...Katie playing in the toilet

What's grosser than that?: Speee, Splash Splash, Kyle yelling "NOOO KATIE!!"...Katie playing in the toilet, while Kyle pee's and then trying to grab the stream of pee! GROSS!!!!
For some reason the girl can't get her mind off the toilet! She loves it...whenever she's missing in action we know to look in the bathrooms first. Let me tell you it's inspired me to keep my bathroom super clean! GROSS!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Snow = Goggles

So we got A LOT of snow the other day and Kyle went and got his goggles out, and wore them all day long, he even fell asleep with them on and anytime we tried to take them off he would freak out so apparently you need goggles when there is snow outside in kyle's world.
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