Saturday, December 15, 2007

I HAVE ARRIVED!!! (a little late)

After resisting the whole blog thing for I dont know how long, I've finally given in and am trying to get the hang of it. It all started with realizing that I was one of the last people on earth not doing it, AND I was missing out on seeing and talking with so many old and new friends! So here I late a few years but at least I made it, and with Jake leaving the country soon, this will help us with updates when we can't talk as often. So if i ask you questions as to "how to do..." please realize I'm just starting out and I'm not the best at just tinkering around and finguring it out...I get restless if I don't get it "just like that!" anyways, happy posting!
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Sally said...

I'm SOOO glad you have a blog!! Welcome!!! Love ya!!

Helpful Housewife said...

Auggh I made it. I just read your entire blog in a couple of days. I am smitten with you, your family, crafts and stories. With that being said I have got to go clean my poor neglected house. = )

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