Tuesday, August 8, 2017

New Ombre Confetti Metallic Fabric by V and Co. for Moda

Well, the time has come when we can finally divulge our fun news! (We've missed talking to you but you'll see why it's been quiet over here in a second)
Introducing Ombre Metallic CONFETTI by yours truly.  

We put a saying on the selvage: "spread kindness like its confetti!" We love this message and we hope it inspires you as you sew to think of ways to be kind to others and to yourself. :) 

We are SO excited about this fun added sparkle! It's the same Ombre you have loved for the past few years BUT all dressed up with some GOLD sparkles and colorful confetti! 

OH SAY WHAAAAA? Yep, you heard us! All 20 of the V and Co. Ombre Colors are now available to purchase through your Moda rep (if you're a quilt store) and will be shipping this coming January 2018.

The fantastic news is that all our past ombre patterns totally works with this new fabric! SO LIKE ALL THE PATTERNS YOU ALREADY OWN? CAN NOW BE MADE WITH A LITTLE EXTRA SPARKLE!
We will have in our shop half yards and fat quarter bundles, and maybe some Jelly Rolls. :) If you're a quilt store make sure you order as many Jelly Rolls as you can because I'm pretty sure those suckers are going to fly and if this ombre becomes a basic like our regular ombre? The Jelly Rolls are only available when you first order and then they are done and out of stock for like ever. Just Sayin.
These fabrics just like our basic V and Co ombre (available now through MODA or through our shop if you're not a quilt store), have such a great range of shades of the same color. You can make a quilt look like you used so many different fabrics when in actuality you only used a few! 
With the release of these new fabrics we will have a few new patterns available! And those patterns will be announced later on this month. We will have a nice sale when we announce those! 
Just as a sneak peak here's one that I love:

So, are you ready to get fancy and party?
Yeah, we are too. :)
But remember to be kind about it ;)
We'll be back soon with new patterns and a sale!
Want to see what others are doing with our Ombre fabric? check out our Instagram!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

More Ombre Fabric Bundles available in the V and Co Shop

We're so happy to say we are now fully stocked and have 1/2 yard bundles and Fat Quarter Bundles available of all 20 V and Co Ombre fabrics.
You can make this Criss Cross Apple Sauce with a 1/2 yard bundle (minus the background fabric)
And you can make this Rising Star with a 1/2 yard bundle as well (minus the background fabric)

And you can make this Tessellation quilt in Ombre by Nydia for Allison Glass design
And we are now offering The Moroccan Getaway Quilt Ombre Fabric Bundle which will include the paper pattern, if you already have the pattern you can make it with a 1/2 yard bundle 
Moroccan Getaway Quilt pattern

We also have Prism Ombre fabric bundles that when purchased will come with the paper pattern for the quilt. This is one of our most popular quilt pattern and rightfully so! Its so pretty and lovely!!

These fabrics are so fun to work with and we are SO excited with how popular they have become! In the past we have hardly been able to keep them in stock until the next shipment! 

But we have figured out a system and we are happy to say we can keep most of them in stock for a while.
AND we are super excited to start introducing more ombre patterns! Some new ones, and we are making some of our older more popular ones into ombre compatible as well like this Endless Summer Quilt Pattern!!!
This version of Endless Summer Requires a 1/2 yard bundle and uses all 20 of the ombre colors. No pattern yet, but if you have the pattern you would follow the same instructions for construction, only you would be making 4 of a block for each color. 
We're hoping to get this one and a few more later on this summer in the shop. :) 

We are so SO happy with how much you love these fabrics and we promise to try to keep them in stock as much as possible! We'll keep you posted on new patterns to come.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Summer Sampler 2017 Ombre Fabric Bundle

We are so excited about this Summer Star Medallion that Fresh Lemon Quilts, Freshly Pieced and Swim Bike, Quilt have created and we are even MORE EXCITED about their V and Co Ombre version:

We are carrying the Summer Star OMBRE BUNDLES in our SHOP. (free shipping with this bundle)
The fabrics picked for the pattern are as follows:

Ombre Plum 10800 208G Moda
Ombre Magenta 10800 201 Moda
Ombre Popsicle Pink 10800 226 Moda
Ombre Persimmon 10800 216 Moda
Ombre Coral 10800 221 Moda
Ombre Honey 10800 219 Moda
Ombre Lime Green 10800 18 Moda
Ombre Mint 10800 210 Moda
Ombre Teal 10800 31 Moda
Ombre Turquoise 10800 209 Moda
Ombre Indigo 10800 225 Moda
Ombre Sand 10800 215 Moda
Our Bundle will include all the OMBRE FABRIC needed for this Pattern (does not include background fabric, binding fabric, or backing fabric.)
Buy Bundle here Free shipping when you purchase of this bundle
Bundles are available while supplies last. 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

January Moroccan Getaway Fabric Bundle of the Month

 If you follow us on Instagram you already knew this was coming! Introducing the Fabric bundle of the month.
Each month we will be featuring a V and Co.Ombre Pattern and the Ombre Fabric Bundle you need to make it. This month we have chosen our personal favorite (shhhh) the Moroccan Getaway Quilt which features all 20 of our V and Co Ombre! (you can purchase the quilt pattern and not the bundle here)

This Moroccan Getaway quilt when finished measures 79" x 91" and takes a 1/2 yard bundle of each of the 20 colors in our V and Co collection.

When you PREORDER this fabric bundle you will receive the PDF pattern for FREE in your EMAIL (this is only for the month of January and we have a limited amount of bundles so first come first serve!).

Because the fabric is in such high demand from our website we have in place the PREORDER SYSTEM were we usually are waiting for shipment from the manufacturer, and the wait for the shipping is usually 2-3 weeks. But no worries! If we have it on hand we ship within a week, if we don't have it on hand we are just waiting and will work on shipping the minute we can!

We want to make sure you can get your hands on it and we appreciate your patience with us trying to keep up with the demand!


Thursday, December 8, 2016

Simply Sampler

I'm so excited Its finally my day to reveal the block I made for The Splendid Sampler!  When I chose this block

Each week two 6″ block tutorials  are  posted on the Splendid Sampler website. With the total of 100 in all!! Also if you didn't already know. This block, well actually all 100 blocks are in a book
and I don't want to brag or anything but check it out:
Did you see that... YUP!!! I'M on the cover. THATS RIGHT! So what if its half dangling/cut off. I totally feel like Mike Wazowski 
TOTES Proud about being on the cover!!! 
So. I got to play around with Little Miss Sunshine by Moda Fabrics to make my block:

I chose 4 fabrics. I wanted them to coordinate but I also wanted to highlight the star in the middle. Like the star, we as individuals have many people and loved ones that surround us and protect, help and love us. My block highlighting the star in the middle was my representation of this concept. Please go check out my block construction here
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