Wednesday, May 15, 2019

NEW OMBRE BLOOM by V and Co for MODA fabric

We are so excited to introduce our newest Ombre for Moda Fabrics
Introducing OMBRE BLOOM 
The newest ombre to come to the V and Co ombre family! Showing to Quilt shops now and has shipping date of October 2019
Please enter bloom20 at checkout for 20 percent off all PDFs. (this code will expire MAY 26, 2019 at midnight)
This ombre comes in all 32 colors bundled together and comes in cuts of Fat Quarter Bundles, Jelly Rolls, and Dessert Rolls and Half yard bundles. We have patterns for each of these pre-cuts! (except the half yard bundle) 
First we have:
 Ombre Carnival! This pattern uses 2 Dessert Rolls  or 10" cuts of all 20 colors included in this bundle. The quilt measures 56" x70" finished and also uses our Confetti background fabric featured below:
This background confetti in white is so awesome! It brings to life those stars and gives it an extra bit of wow!
The backgrounds come in gray, black, two beiges and white featured here. Ask your quilt store to carry them, or check out some online stores to see if they carry them! (these ship to store July 2019)
But back to our new pattern!
Ombre Carnival is a GREAT beginner to ombre (or quilting!) quilt! spend most of your time having fun moving some of the blocks around to play with the shades!
Please see listing of this pdf for download here
Next we have:
 Lovely Ombre Cabins Made out of log cabins on point and with cutting instructions to help guide you every step of the way! This quilt measures 75"x92" finished and uses a fat quarter bundle for block, border and binding!
It's a gorgeous large quilt perfect to snuggle under or to take to the park as a very colorful picnic blanket!
Please find this pdf here to purchase and download
Our third new pattern is:
Ombre Flower Bouquet This pattern is one of my favorite quilt patterns because of how dainty and fun these flowers are and how the ombre totally plays in the flower blocks!! 
This quilt featured on the the cover takes one Ombre Bloom Jelly roll plus a little extra lime green ombre for the leaves. The quilt featured on the cover measures 56" by 70" and the second smaller quilt measures 56" square. 
I will have to say this is one of my favorite quilt patterns we have created for the ombre fabric! 

We are so excited to announce that not only can you purchase our ombre Bloom in all 32 colors, we also have all 32 colors available in Confetti Metallic and in Plain ombre. 
All three fabric choices work the same! So any of our past ombre projects and pattern will work with the new Ombre Bloom patterns and vice versa.

Also if you are going to be going to Quilt Market in Kansas City later this week, please head over to the Moda Booth to check out all these fabrics and quilts! Just ask to see the V and Co OMBRE! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

CYBERweek 2018

I was supposed to post this on Monday you know for CYBER MONDAY! But life got in the way and we had to go to the doctor and this post never went up. SO, you guys win because instead of just Cyber Monday, we are doing CYBER WEEK when you enter code CYBERWEEK at check out please enjoy 15% off everything in the shop! YES! That includes all fabric bundles!!

Here are a few of my favorite ones in our shop at the moment:
 First we have our RAINBOW BUNDLE! Enjoy an array of OOP (out of print) past V and Co fabrics with some ombre and solids in the mix. This is a great bundle for projects like Anna Maria Horner's pattern Color Dive  quilt (pattern not included in our bundle or in our shop).

Next we have our Prism Ombre Bundle this one is in the original ombre
Or if you want to have the dressed up version we have it also in the ombre confetti version

This one is one of our most popular pattern Fall breeze and this bundle will not disappoint! This bundle includes a downloadable pattern, and all ombre needed for quilt top and binding. (background not included).

 Another great bundle with downloadable pattern that is on sale is this Walk in the Park! Got the winter blues?? This quilt will surely lift your spirits!
This bundle includes all the ombre needed for the quilt top and binding and a downloadable pdf (background not included).
Purchase ombre bundle with downloadable pdf pattern here
 And while we're at it...before we get to spring we do have Valentines day and what better quilt design to show off that beautiful ombre no other than our Heart Strings quilt bundle! This bundle includes all the ombre to make the quilt top and binding and comes with the downloadable pdf!
Purchase ombre bundle and downloadable pdf here

And last one to show off (but not the last one listed in our shop make sure you check out our 6" cuts of our confetti ombre and also our jelly rolls!) is our most popular ombre bundle which is our Home for the Holidays bundle. This bundle includes all the ombre needed for quilt top and binding plus the downloadable pdf pattern. (Does not include background fabric).
Purchase ombre bundle and downloadable pdf here

Please check out all our bundles and our pdfs! Receive 15% off store wide with the code CYBERWEEK! Sale ends midnight on Friday 11/30/2018

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

NEW V and Co Ombre Patterns and Sale

Hi There! Long time no talk! We've been a little busy over here! I graduated from college (yep! In Psychology, no I'm not currently going to work in this field but perhaps eventually I will when the kids all are out of the house. Speaking of which! OUR OLDEST LEFT ON HIS MISSION! Crazy! He's doing great and we hear from him every week through email.
SO LET'S TALK ABOUT FABRIC! You guys are still in love with our V and Co Ombre Confetti. And are buying like a boss at stores and on our site. So of course we wanted to make a few more patterns to make those bundles move off your shelves!

First up is PREPPY Quilt:
 Preppy quilt pdf pattern comes with two options. One is the Rainbow version which takes one Fat Quarter Bundle to make. (and yes it can easily be made from a jelly roll as well)
 Second option in the pattern is a two toned quilt (with many beautiful shades due to the ombre!)
The finished quilts measure at 60" x 80" and this pattern includes step by step instructions with color illustrations, pictures and diagrams. 

Find PREPPY QUILT PDF here to purchase and make sure you enter 30blog for 30% off all PDFs (sale ends 9-24-18 at midnight)

So like seriously...I LIVE IN IOWA so you KNOW I HAD to do a fall quilt that included CORN!

This quilt is so fun! And SOOOO Fall. Like seriously. This quilt finishes at 73" x 84" This pattern includes step by step instructions with color illustrations, pictures and diagrams and traditional piecing. It includes some adorable pumpkins, and harvested chucked corn! So perfect to snuggle under as the temps start to fall! <-- see what I did there?

We picked out and used some of our fun fallish colors of our V and Co ombre confetti and just LOOOVE how it turned out!
Find Harvest Festival quilt pdf here for purchase make sure you enter 30blog for 30% off all PDFs (sale ends 9-24-18 at midnight)

And then there is WELCOME HOME Quilt:
This quilt is JUST SO FUN! Finished at 60" x 75" and a great pattern that includes step by step instructions with color illustrations, pictures and diagrams. Traditional piecing and applique (for the small hexagons) is used in this pattern. 

This pattern features, houses, pineapples, stars, popsicles and so many little details that creates a fun whimsical homey feel! I LOVE THIS QUILT!!!!

This would be a fun quilt to do in a Quilt Bee or with a fun group of friends! Maybe make it as a block of the month with your girlfriends?? Whatever the case this is a beautiful quilt and probably one of my most favorite-est-ess quilt ever that I've designed. YUP I love it that much. 

Find Welcome home quilt pdf here for purchase make sure you enter 30blog for 30% off all PDFs (sale ends 9-24-18 at midnight)

We love how these ombre fabrics work so well with other designer's patterns as well! Check out our Instagram  to see how everyone is using these fabrics!!!

We promise we will continue to support these Ombre fabrics and continue to make fun new things with it! Remember all these patterns can be used with the Original V and Co ombre fabric as well! (the ones without the gold dots) and ahem, for any future ombre fabric designs we come up with as well! 

Well that's it for now! Thanks and let us know which one is your favorite!!
remember to enter 30BLOG for 30% off all PDFs (sale ends 9-24-18)

Friday, March 16, 2018

New V and Co. Ombre Confetti Metallic Pattern!

 HELLO! It's currently snow/hailing/raining and I can't help but think about sunnier and warmer days! So no better time to introduce this great new quilt that represents sunnier and warmer days with the promise of spring and summer! Introducing Walk in the Park. This pattern comes with three sizes to make this one featured on the cover is 72" x88" and we also include a throw and baby size as well!

 This pattern is made with V and Co Ombre Confetti Metallic in the colors of:
Mustard, Coral, Persimmon, Hot Pink, Magenta, Indigo, Turquoise, Teal, Mint, and lime green.
We have Ombre bundles (ombre fabric for the quilt top and binding) that include the PDF pattern in the cost for Pre- sale here.
Background fabric is not included (background fabric is Moda Cross Weave Woven, Black, please contact your local quilt store or online store for to purchase this fabric. (amounts are listed on our shop listing!)
 We also are excited to say we have added some Jelly Rolls we were able to grab before they all sold out the first round!
And we also have a pre-order of the Jelly Roll Ombre Lattice bundle! Purchase this Jelly Roll bundle and get the PDF pattern at a discounted rate. :)
This is a pre order for the jelly roll and will ship out May 2018. The pattern will be emailed as a link to you at the time of purchase!
YAY! That's it for now!
If you want to be inspired come check us out on INSTAGRAM! We are constantly showing off what people are making with our fabric and we introduce deals and new listings there first!! :)

Monday, February 19, 2018


 If you haven't already heard. OMBRE CONFETTI METALLIC HAS HIT QUILT STORES! We're also super excited to introduce TWO NEW PATTERNS!
Both new patterns are collaborations with Tiffany of Needle in a Hayes Stack and you can find both of them in our shop under PDF patterns.
First up, is Abacus!
Abacus finishes at 60" x 69" and uses a V and Co ombre confetti fat quarter bundle to make. While we are currently out of stock of these (because you guys went nuts before we could even announce it here on the blog!) but no fear...Starting February 27th we will be doing pre-orders for this bundle and all other OMBRE FABRIC BUNDLES and they will start to ship again in late April early May! BUT if you can go to your local quilt store or online store and check out if they still have some in stock, I know quite a few stores sold out, but they have re-ordered (with the same second shipping date... We seriously didn't see this coming!) BUT there are quite a few other stores that still have some in stock! so RUN! if you'd like to see a list of stores that have some please visit my instagram account @VChristenson on the post that says "do you stock V and Co ombre?" you will see quite a few stores that do! And there are even quilt stores in Austrailia, Canada, and Europe!
Second pattern we have for sale is Ombre Lattice!
This lady finishes at 68" by 85" and uses a V and Co ombre confetti Jelly roll. We also include instruction for yardage as we know that once the jelly rolls run out there aren't any to be had! BUT no worries we made sure you can still make this quilt with yardage! We will be doing pre-sales of jelly rolls for this pattern on February 27th as well!

Thank you for your lovely response to this fabric! we are so very excited to keep making more patterns to support the growing love of our Ombre Fabric!!!!
Check us out at QUILT CON! We'll be there in Pasadena!!!!
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