Friday, January 23, 2015

EEK! Two things...

 Well maybe a little more than two things…but first things first…COLOR THEORY FABRIC IS IN THE HOUSE!!!!! Your local quilt stores should be getting it any day if they haven't already gotten it! And the patterns to go with it as well! Find all my patterns here. Woooooohoooooo!!!!! ALSO that means that the pink ombre is finally back in stock and you can start making the I Heart You quilt you've been waiting on the fabric for!!! If I only had a nickel for every email I've gotten with the words "where in the world can I freaking get this pink ombre fabric?! It's no where anymore and I'M HOLDING YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR MY FRUSTRATION!" haha well not really just like that BUT I heard you and we got it back in stock at MODA. :)
 And to celebrate because lets face it we're all very happy the pink ombre is back…lets give a discount on the I heart you pattern. how about 25% off with the code LOVE at check out. :) this discount will go on through Feb 14th :)

Okay so that was number one. And number 2 is this:
My Simply Color books: RED advance copy came in the mail…and as you can see I have some stuff in the works with that. More info on that selection of fabric coming in February. I'm so excited that these books are finally getting ready to ship! Red was super fun to work with and I can't wait to keep giving you more and more sneak peeks of orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. :) You can order the whole series here
for a limited about of copies (of the series) you can get the whole series for $70. (there's only a few left though I think) so go quickly. :) 

Also my oldest is learning to drive. Its worse than being on a roller coaster for the first time.He's doing a lot better and so am I but it has not been unheard of my feet hitting the dashboard while yelling "WE'RE GONNA DIE!!!" to which my husband and my son and the other children look at me and say "MOM, seriously…relax a little." I CAN'T OKAY?! I JUST CAN'T! 

..So if you're the praying type please say a prayer that I survive my nerves of being the passenger in a death trap with a 15 year old at the wheel. Even though my family thinks I'm over reacting...Thanks. 

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Button Tote on the BERNINA Blog

HI! Finally starting to show off some of the fun stuff I've been slaving away making ;) well not really slaving away for this one…it's a fun easy bag…my favorite kind!
 Come join me over at the We All Sew Blog for BERNINA.

 And learn step by step...

 from start to finish...

 How to make this Button Tote Bag perfect for yourself, or your little girl
Clearly this bag was made for my little girl…or so it seems... because she took it and didn't let go and now is using it. :) 

ps also I know I love pink and this will totally look great as a Valentines day gift but you could do other colors as well. :) 
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Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 already

Sawtooth baby quilt using V and Co. Ombre Navy and what I'm working on right at this very second :)
What the heck happened to 2014? I can't even believe that we are now looking at a new year. This last year was a hard one for me...a parent passing away, our beloved dog passing away, putting our house back on the market in Utah, wonderful family members having to go through serious surgeries and some of them having complicated health issues, and all the other sprinkled in there trials of stress, that go with said things.
But it was also a wonderful year. I released a

  new fabric line, which ships to stores in the next couple of weeks! 

I also announced my hard cover book series: Simply Color:A Crayon Box for Quilters and red is on its way to release soon!!!…Later on this year I'll be showing the last three colors to complete the rainbow in the series. I've been working on new fabric lines, along with new ombre colors :) this year is looking to be a busy one again.
This last year My oldest started high school, and got his drivers permit (holy crap that should be considered torture to sit in a car driven by that young of an individual…also scares the crapola out of me thinking there are other cars out there being driven by said youngsters!!!) . We now have two teenagers in the house My youngest two are 10 and 8.

We rounded the end of this year visiting the husband's parents in Salt Lake City. We hadn't spent time in Utah since we left over 3 and half years ago. It was nice to be there.
Salt Lake City Temple 
But because we spent some of it driving to and from Utah and spent some time actually made our winter vacation too short. Tomorrow the kids go back to school, and that's going to be a rude awakening. I don't think any of them have gotten up before 9 this whole vacation except on Christmas morning when they got up at 7:45 yikes.

This year has seemed like a roller coaster. The husband and I have a few more gray hairs, and are continually holding on to dear life just wondering when it's going to slow back down. Will it? I actually started crying the other night when I realized I only had 3 and half more years before the oldest goes on a mission or goes to college somewhere. It's bothersome how much it's bothering me now that they are growing up so fast. Must be that I'm leaving "little infant spit up on you never have a moment to yourself stage" to the "please don't grow up so fast, and why don't you hang out with me stage." But all is well, they are turning into fine young individuals.
During my trip to Utah and back I bound like nobody's business

All in all it's been a year of learning through many high points and a few low points.
Here's to a fresh New Year of highs and lows…and continual growth.
No resolutions for me, just keep on keeping on with what I've been working on improving all along. :) Watch for a new post on Wednesday I've been making a lot of stuff, and I'll show one of them on Wednesday.
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Friday, December 12, 2014

Three minute Three ingredient MICROWAVE mint fudge

Since I'm all about last minute gifts and preparing for the holidays this year…my 3 minute 3 ingredient mint fudge is a must! a few years ago I gave you this 3 minute fudge...well with the holidays in full swing lets add a little holiday twist to it shall we?

This fudge can go by many names: simple mint fudge, increase your jean size fudge, make your friends fat so you look good fudge...but i went with the "make you wanna make it cause you don't have time to keep up with the perfect homemaker down the street name": 3 minute, 3 ingredient mint fudge.

Seriously, it's so easy that you can whip this bad boy up for neighbor gifts in like well...3 minutes. and have it look like you slaved away for hours when really you made it and then ate some before you brought it over.ready to make some?
ingredients needed:
 1. 14 oz condensed milk

2. one 14 oz package of semi sweet chocolate chips, one package of 10 oz Andes mint baking chips
3. Three tablespoons of butter one

*optional garnish is crush candy cane candy

1. combine in your bowl your chocolate chips and your Andes mint chips
2. add condensed milk, butter, and mix in.
3. microwave for three minutes, stir till smooth.
4. pour into a 9 x 9 pan for thick squares or a 9 x13 pan for thin squares

 *to garnish if you'd like get some candy cane looking candy, and crush them
 *sprinkle on top, and let cool.
 tada! place them on a cookie platter, or in a little bag for neighbor gifts, or just eat them all, i don't judge.

yum yum!
See you at the Gym on January 1st. ;) 

Monday, December 8, 2014

EasyTeacher Gift

 These days life is fast. Between band, swimming, orchestra, and writing books, and all other things (I'm stopping with that because I'm getting tired just by writing it) there hasn't been much time for about anything other than a fast craft here a fast craft there, spend time with family and then do it all over again. So this is right up my alley on fast quick get it done and off the to do list and we get to give our teachers (who deserve a freaking award and chocolate cake to go with said award) a nice home made gift that literally took me like less than 5 minutes to make (the tote bag, the zipper bag only took like 20 because I can make it in my sleep because I make them all the time)

So here's how to make a super simple tote that will take less than 5 minutes to make. I've seen bags like this done with embroidery floss and those are super cute! But takes more time than i have…sooooo enter our super fast version:

materials needed:
 -Bag from Walmart ($2.96) or Joanns has them as well and you can buy a 3 pack on Amazon if you have multiple teachers you want to make bags for.

-FABRIC PENS from joann's are like $6 or on  Amazon  (wow, those are priced more than joann's! Go to Joann's people)

-Ruler, washable pen or pencil

On the bag I went off the outside part of the handle and drew a red line down. (or you can make dashes like it was done on the header picture)

Next I marked with the blue pen every 2" and then proceeded to draw line the dashed line with my ruler as my guide.
-Next with the washable pen (or pencil) I lightly wrote the name in cursive so I could make sure I liked the placement if I didn't then I could erase the pen with lightly damping the fabric.
*note: the fabric pen will run if you wet the fabric right after you draw on the canvas. Let the marker air dry and let it set before you try to remove the erasable marker. And when you do just lightly dab.
-Lastly draw on top of your temporary written name.

Have a little bit of time? You can make a fun little extra by using my Color block zipper pouch pattern and embellishing it a little!
-Make the zipper pouch just like the instructions in the pattern, I used Moda's ruler fabric. (I believe the fabric is called potluck by Sandy Klop. :) 
-Measure 2" from the left side, and draw a dashed line in red, then measure down every 1" and make a marking with the blue marker. This will be your guide for the blue dashed lines. 
-Mark just like you did on the canvas bag the name of the teacher. 
-Drawn on top of temporary marked name. 
Totally awesome gift for your awesome teacher. In no time! :) 
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