Friday, September 26, 2014

Color Theory By V and Co for Moda Fabrics

Okay. So I swear I have been meaning to post pictures of this collection for like weeks now. It's been a little nuts over here, but I took today off of sewing to post pictures and blog about this new line of mine! I really like it a lot. It's got your basic V and Co. feel of a lot of blenders to be used across the board in all of your quilting and sewing projects!

 The polka dots and triangles are my favorite…no wait I absolutely adore the cross hatch...
okay, but I also love these prints as well. This collection has a super fun sunny bright feel to it. And it's been really fun to work with.
Another fun thing we have going on is the matching Aurifil thread to the line. The thread box comes with 7 colors matching my collection, and it also comes with a precut of the fabric collection. 
 But not only that…it also comes with a free pattern to go with the fabric and thread. You can only exclusively get this through Moda Fabrics, so ask your rep to see what it's all about!
And of course what V and Co fabric line wouldn't be complete without the Gradient Ombre Fabric
 This time around I had a little extra fun with my Ombre fabric. We created two patterns just with ombre. OH and remember those junior jelly rolls we had the first time around??
 YEP! They are back! We switched out the aqua from before to a teal/peacock combo and it looks fantastic with the other colors.
I'm kind of in love with them. So many possibilities…What do you think you would make with the Gradient Ombre fabric? 

Okay, that's it for right this second…but next week I promise to show off the patterns that go with this fantastic line. I'M SO EXCITED TO SHOW YOU!!!!! :) Next week my friends!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

V and Co: Just a few things

Summer has come and gone, and as much as I'd like to say it was a relaxing summer, I can honestly say that this summer has been a blur and I can't even believe that we are already in the 3rd week of school. I've been busy with the books (which we will talk more about as fall market comes around.) And I've been sewing and creating patterns for this next fabric line Color Theory. Later on I'll show off the fabric a little more and talk more extensively about the patterns associated with this line. But just as a small show and tell here's one of the patterns called "Honeycomb Zipper pouches" I love this pouch and can't wait for all of you to get a chance to make it! By far my favorite zipper pouch I've made thus far.
 Color theory will include the junior jelly rolls of ombre gradient fabric (we heard you!!!!) And I'm super excited to show you what patterns I've made with this line and to show off the gradient fabrics as well. I really am so excited to show you! We're just waiting on quilts getting back from quilters so we will be able to show off the quilts and release patterns. :) Soon!!

And also watch for a cute little package of Color Theory Aurifil Threads and Moda candy (40-2 1/2"x 2 1/2" squares) and a free pattern to go with it. :)
All soon. :) And if you are going to Fall Market, by all means come on by and check it out in person, cause me and all of Color Theory will be there. Talk to you soon. :) 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Color Theory and my new Books

So this is my newest and 4th line for Moda Fabrics I have to admit I've had NO TIME to write up a post about it! (and it's in the works so i can show you some of the fun designs in this collection!) i've not been able to write much these last while mainly because I'm in the middle of sewing (with children around because they are still on summer vacation) for this fabric line, and because I've been in the middle of also sewing and working on my books (yes bookS):
you can pre-order these awesome hard cover  RedOrange, and Yellow Simply Color books now from Amazon for delivery date of spring 2015. Then watch for green, blue and purple/gray later on this next year as well.
It's been a really long, big project, but I'm super excited about these books. In them you will find quilts and projects focused on the color of the book. I love focusing on single colors (I've mentioned this a time or two how my favorite projects I create focus on one to two colors at a time) so this was a no brainer of an idea for a book series. The publisher for these books is Lucky Spool Media. More pictures and information on the book will be dished out later on. The photography in the books is fantastic! I'm so giddy over the photography I wish I could just show it to you all now. But we have to wait.

So with that little bit of bean spilling…please know I'm almost done with a few things so I can properly do a post like I did for Color Me Happy and of course to show off some of the new patterns that will go with color theory as well…and soon!
*catches breath for a second*
We'll talk soon. :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

V and Co: lets celebrate summer sale

Color Block Zipper Pouch
Summer has been going by so fast over here, that I fear that the end is almost around the corner…as it actually is starting to look like for us over here with school starting in about a month or so! YIKES! Lets hold on to it a little longer and celebrate summer shall we? I've been meaning to do this for a while so lets just celebrate summer with a store wide sale of 25% off all PDF patterns.  enter CODE: SUMMER at checkout

As I'm getting ready to head out to speak to the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild and as I am planning my talk and class to teach there I am reminded how much I love the sewing community. A couple of weeks ago I got to teach and speak in the Shipshewana, Indiana quilt festival there. And with 30+ buses of quilters coming and going from all over the united states, I was in AWE of this wonderful art we call quilting and sewing. 
confetti quilt pdf pattern
What a wonderful community to be a part of and to get to learn from and teach in.
lucky star quilt pattern

lucky star block
I really love to do what I do, and I would be doing it even if I didn't do it as a job.

kaleidoscope quilt pattern

string block zipper pouch
 This has been a wonderful ride. Of self teaching, then learning from experienced quilters, and going to seminars, and guilds and uniting and rejoicing in this beautiful art of cutting up fabric, just to sew it back up again.
to the point quilt and texture pillow (faux pleat) pattern

baby barn dance quilt

Chelsea Bag pattern
So I hope you are having a wonderful summer with some sewing involved. And if you haven't sewn, I hope its because you have been too busy with family and friends outside enjoying the summer life.
All pdf's are 25% off  Code: SUMMER 
sale ends July 19, 2014 midnight 
Thanks and keep on keeping on. :) 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Guest Post: Jodi of Pleasant Home

Hey everybody!  

I have the honor of sorta kinda hi-jacking V's blog today!  If you don't know who I am, my name is Jodi and I live in Sandy, Oregon.... I blog, design, sew, quilt, and all kinds of stuff, over at Pleasant Home  []   

I've "known" Vanessa since she started blogging. {My heck V it's been 7 years already}  We both started blogging around the same time.

"In the beginning" V's kiddo's were little {amazing what can happen in 7 years}. she blogged mostly about her family and life with her handsome hubby Jake deployed... 

 She blogged about decorating her home... {i think her style has evolved a little over the years - don't you? }

 She was selling handmade's in her Etsy Shop....

And was famous for her stitchery... 

 Over the years I've watched her fun and adorable family grow... 

I've met the in-laws...

And her mom... 

Got to see her handsome hubby come home... 

Learned a few things about cows.... 

Watched her make a name for herself and grow V and Co.....

Hi-Fived her for the leap into Fabric Designing... 

Constantly in awe at her fabulous tutorials and patterns.... 

And all thru this fabulous thing we call blogging!

I finally got to meet her in person at Spring 2013 Quilt Market, here in Oregon! and... it was like.... we'd met before... It was so great! 

It has been so fun getting to know V and her family.... It is friendships like this that make all the years of blogging  {and at times stressing over getting a blog post done}  totally worth it! 

I am blessed to be able to call her a friend..  

AND to top it all off....I got a fun package in the mail several weeks back...full of some of her latest fabric!  COLOR ME HAPPY !!! 

After a series of "unfortunate events" in my life... {how many emergency room trips can a gal make in a few short months?} I finally got to make something with it..
Tah Dah !

I am in love with this quilt!  One of my favorite patterns is a baby quilt pattern I designed called, "This Way and That Way"...  

I did a little math and added some blocks to go from baby size to lap/twin size and I love how it turned out.  

I am in love with V's latest fabric collection.. It's a little modern, a little vintagey and totally fun!  And I think .... if I do say so myself... that it looks really good sewn up in my "This Way and That Way" Pattern... 

You can find the pattern in my Craftsy Store HERE ... 
For extra yardage requirements visit PLEASANT HOME... 

Thanks V for letting me play with your fabric, for letting me hi-jack your blog and for a fun 7 years!  I look forward to the next 7!  
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